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The Cindi Mysyk Fund

The Cindi Mysyk Memorial Fund was started by Cindi’s many friends to honor her memory and tireless work with Airedale rescue. Cindi was known to assist Airedale families who needed a bag of dog food or help paying for some medications. SOAR wanted to start a fund to assist senior Airedales. The two thoughts were combined to create the Cindi Mysyk Memorial Fund for Senior Airedales. The purpose of the fund is to assist with expenses associated with senior rescue Airedales both in rescue and after adoption that are often incurred as a result of being a senior.

Cindi worked for many years in all aspects of Airedale rescue before starting Windy City Airedale Rescue and Placement. She was just a phone call or e-mail away if an Airedale needed her help. Cindi once drove five hours, one-way, to help SOAR with a home visit. She was also an integral part of our Oklahoma transport run, completing the last, long leg from Bloomington to Chicago. CRUSA (Cairn Rescue USA) also benefited from her time to help with a transport.

Ever since she was a little girl, Cindi had a special ability to be able to communicate with animals. As a rescue volunteer, she helped many families using this special talent, facilitating communication with pets that had passed as well as pets in the present. She was even drawn to her last Airedale, Minnie, before she even knew Minnie was coming into SOAR’s hands. Cindi was a special person.

If you would like to donate to the Cindi Mysyk Memorial Fund, either click on the PayPal button below or send your check to the address below. Make sure you indicate on your check your donation is for the Cindi Mysyk Fund.

Thank you, and tail wags for your generosity!

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How We Use Your Donations

SOAR is an all-volunteer organization...we do not have any paid staff. This means that your donations go directly to assist the Airedales that come under our care and support our rescue efforts.

Our first priority is always the well-being of the Airedales that pass through our hands. We make sure that once they are in rescue, they are brought up-to-date on shots, parasite-free, heartworm free, and spayed or neutered. Each of our Airedales is microchipped. We address any illnesses or injuries and do as much as possible to get the Airedales ready to live healthy lives in their new homes. We work to solve behavior problems that otherwise might keep an Airedale from being successfully adopted. Each Airedale is also given a new collar, leash, and tag to take with them to their new home.

We very much appreciate your support!


We Thank Our Donors

Because of the support of generous donors like you, SOAR is able to help homeless Airedales in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan find their way to new families and a bright future. We appreciate your support and more importantly, so do the Airedales

The Diana Muldaur Fund Donor Honor Roll

Thank You!

  • Aire Affaire attendees and supporters
  • Aire Affaire Proceeds for DMF
  • Airedale Fun Day attendees
  • Allison McKenzie
  • Andrea Denninger
  • Andrea Shafran
  • Anna Tokareva
  • Barbara Bonfield
  • Barbara Kenley
  • Barbara Mann
  • Barbie Rise
  • Becky Hawkins
  • Beverly Langley
  • Bill White
  • Bobbi Procyk
  • Carol Peffer
  • Carol Pouy
  • Carol Wallace
  • Catherine Denman
  • Cathy and Ray Peabody
  • Cathy Biersack
  • Charlene Miller
  • Cheryl Andrews
  • Cheryl Collins
  • Christina Graybard
  • Christine Jibilian
  • Christine Zane
  • Claudia Mahon
  • Colleen Milhan
  • Cynthia Bermingham
  • Daniel Schnitzer
  • Daniel Sweeney
  • Danielle Smith
  • Daphne Carey
  • Dave Recker
  • Dave Ross
  • David Billion
  • Dean Incopero
  • Deana Renova
  • Debra Shutt
  • Denise St. John
  • Dennis Leonard
  • Diane Chimko
  • Diane Mazaltis
  • Dohn and Marsha Roush
  • Don Brighenti
  • Donna Peiffer
  • Dorothy Duff
  • Doug and Theresa Sutton
  • Eiko Yuasa and timothy Klaus
  • Elaine Martin
  • Eva Brosco
  • George Wyatt
  • Georgia DiFabio
  • Gina Lehan
  • Greg Filter
  • Greg Gordon
  • Harry Link
  • Isobell Adams
  • Jackie McGuinness
  • James Dean
  • Jan Wiles
  • Jane Fischer
  • Janet Hroch
  • Jeff and Sandee Boyd
  • Jennifer Patrick
  • Jeri Davis
  • Joan Crum
  • Joe and Joyce Peterson
  • John and Carol O'Brien
  • Joyce Ferreira
  • Judy Schulte
  • Julie King
  • Kate Sitzman
  • Katherine Appleton
  • Katherine Sutton
  • Kathleen Killeen
  • Kathy Zacharias
  • Kirk Nims and Mike Billion
  • Kitty Dubois
  • Lee Grosskreuz Hechtel
  • Lela Criswell
  • Leslie Hohman
  • Linda Doering
  • Linda McVey
  • Linda Mufich
  • Lisa Simon
  • Lori Borden
  • Lulu Hoeller
  • Lydia Ross
  • Lydia Thompson
  • Lynn O’Shaughnessy
  • MacKenzie Trippe
  • Maria Matson
  • Marcia and Rich Felton
  • Marilyn Royle
  • Marsha Aarons
  • Marsha Roush
  • Mary Cole
  • Mary Moore
  • Mary Wright
  • Maureen Scott
  • Maureen Tate
  • Michelle Mueller
  • Michelle Odom
  • Mike Billion
  • Mike Pooler
  • Nancy Guillory
  • Nhi and Lola Finley
  • Pabette Schulze
  • Pamela Hummelsheim
  • Patricia Pijar
  • Peggy Pooler
  • Peggy Seymour
  • Ramzi and Sana Twal
  • Ray and Carol Cooper
  • Rich & Marcia Felton
  • Robert Timm
  • Rosemarie Iski
  • Rusty LaFrance
  • Ruth Mouch
  • Sandee Boyd
  • Sandi Sprankle and Don Brighenti
  • Sara and Pete Trippe
  • Shelby Boyd
  • Sidney Hardie
  • Susan Dorman
  • Sue Forrester
  • Susan Fox
  • Susan Taylor
  • Teresa Sutton
  • The Terrier Club of Michigan
  • Terry Elkins
  • Theresa Budzilek
  • Timothy Ruffin
  • Timothy Sheffer
  • Tina Kurgan
  • Tom Pinta
  • Vicki Maher
  • V’Lou Oliveira
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The Cindi Mysyk Fund Donor Honor Roll

Thank You!

  • Aire Affaire matching funds - 2011
  • Aire Affaire proceeds for CMF - 2011
  • Aire Affaire proceeds for CMF - 2012
  • Airedale Terrier Club of Northern Ohio
  • Andrea Denninger
  • Barbara Mann
  • Barbara Wagner
  • Bernie Kobus
  • Beverly Langley
  • Bob Anderson
  • Brandi Boyd
  • Christopher Mysyk
  • Crown Classic - hat sale
  • Dean Incopero
  • Debbie Butler
  • Debbie Spencer
  • Diane Mazaitis
  • Don Brighenti
  • Douglas & Theresa Sutton
  • Ellana Livermore
  • Evelyn Gugger
  • Firstgiving
  • Glenda Lask
  • Grace Knight
  • Greg Feria
  • Jan Wiles
  • Jean Plauth
  • Joan Ragan
  • Joe and Joyce Peterson
  • Joey Fineran
  • Kathaleen Mockler
  • Kelly Toland
  • Kim Nuzzo
  • Kim Zaborniak
  • Lisa Ragan
  • Lisa Simon
  • Louise Wolf
  • Lydia Ross
  • Lynn and Bob O'Shaughnessy
  • Lynn Mudd
  • Mark Horwitz
  • Marsha Roush
  • Mary O'Connell
  • Mary Sweeney
  • Mary Wright
  • Mary Yourich
  • Megan Slattery
  • Michelle Silva
  • Nancy NgDung
  • Oklahoma Airedale Rescue
  • Pat Funke
  • Patty Pogue
  • Pet Carnival - shirt/hat sales
  • Peter and Nancy Klepak
  • Rusty LaFrance
  • Sarah Steiner
  • Sharon Harper
  • Stephanie MacNeill
  • Susan Fox
  • Timothy Ruffin
  • Tracy Mason
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Layla's Fund Honor Roll

Thank You!

  • Mary O'Connell
  • Susan Fox
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy
  • Amy Rogish
  • Roger & Carol Vanderlaan
  • Jim & Ramona Grills
  • Robert Silverberg
  • Werner & Irmhild Tmeyer
  • Ronald & Joan Huber
  • Larry & Sharon Platz
  • Stephen & Shari Sammetinger
  • Jackie Mcguiness
  • Elizabeth Waters
  • Mary Wright
  • Holly Snavely
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2009 – Thank You, Donors and Supporters!

July 2009 Lynn O’Shaughnessy – general donationSusan Fox – general donationElaine Martin – general donationBeverly Langley – auction donationGeorgia DiFabio – auction donationTom and Cindy Dwyer – auction donationBarbara Mann – in kind donationsLynn O’Shaughnessy – in kind donations August 2009 Donations in memory of Betty Mellott: – Lynn O’Shaughnessy– Beverly Brighenti– Lenora Taylor– Mrs.…
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2010 – Thank You, Donors and Supporters!

January 2010 Jackie McGuinness – general donationHope 2010 is everything you wish for! from Aireangel Jason and Nicole Fox – general donation, Merry Christmas Susan and Jim! Susan Gadzala – general donation, thanks for all the help Marcia! Betty Peercy – general donation Lynn O’Shaughnessy – in kind donations Jackie McGuinness – general donation Terry and…
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2011 – Thank You, Donors and Supporters!

January 2011 Barbara Mann – memorial for Parker Emily Raisanen – memorial donation for Libbra Jeffrey Largent – adoption donation for Rusty Give Back Foundation – general donation Borders – Give Back Campaign Marsha Roush – Cindi Mysyk Fund Rusty LaFrance – Cindi Mysyk Fund Susan Fox – Cindi Mysyk Fund Stephanie MacNeill – Cindi…
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2012 – Thank You, Donors and Supporters!

January 2012 Candace Metrick – general donation Susan Matyas – calendar Christopher & Janet Jakubik – adoption donation Jeff Porter – calendar Cheryl Stewart – Aire Affaire donation Mary Jane Fagan – adoption donation Airedale Club of Northern Ohio Lynn O’Shaughnessy – in-kind February 2012 Stephen Newhouse – adoption donation Christopher Bearss – donation in…
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2013 – Thank you, Donors and Supporters!

January 2013 Richard Hoddinott – general donation Barbara Wagner – general donation Beverly Langley – general donation Anna Stephens memorial donation for Shadow & Katie Langley Shae Ashworth – general donation Helen D’lanni – general donation Betty Peercy – general fund Jan Wiles – Diana Muldaur Fund Joanne Martin – adoption donation Chuck & Nancy…
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2014 – Thank you, Donors and Supporters!

January 2014 Betty Peercy – general donation Robin Lane Dennis & Gloria Downes – general donation Werner & Irhild Tmeyer – memorial donation for Wayne O’Brien Ronald & Joan Huber – memorial donation for Wayne O’Brien Larry & Sharon Platz – memorial donation for Wayne O’Brien Helle & Per Frost – Shamus adoption donation Tom…
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2015 – Thank you, Donors and Supporters

January 2015 Angela & Michael MoelleringRosie – adoption donation Gloria & Dennis Downesannual donation – GF Sue Moenannual donation – GF Steven & Chris Bettismonthly donation – GF Anna Stephensin honor or Shadow & Katie Langley – GF Mark & Carol Howitzmonthly donation – GF John & Barbara SchmittDuke – adoption donation Jennifer Ringmonthly donation…
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Memorials & Tributes

You may have your memorial or tribute told here by making a donation to SOAR of $25. Your memorial or tribute may be of a person or an Airedale and may include up to three photos. After you have made your donation, send your memorial or tribute in an e-mail to:

Put "Memorial" or "Tribute" in the subject line. If you would like us to send a notification of your memorial donation, please include a name and address to send the notification to. Attach your photos in jpg format. Do not size them down, we will take care of that.

Logan Boitsova

Logan Joval Light My Fire July 2, 2002 – August 4, 2014 He is an Am. Champion and his offspring are all over the world. It was great to hear that a litter of his grandkids was just born in Chicago! What made Logan such an unusual…

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Mac McGuinness

I wanted to do something in Mac’s memory. He was such a good boy. He was a rescue at 18 months and an ex show dog who, for some reason, had become aggressive in the ring. He was given to me as a gift from the breeder as…

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Maggie Mae Doudt

It is with a heavy heart I want to tell everyone that my Baby Girl has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. She was my companion and strength throughout life’s struggles. She was always there for Deb, Marilyn and me, never complaining, just there with those huge…

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Maggy Welty

To know an Airedale is to love an Airedale. Sometimes you would think that they are human; expecting them to utter words at any moment. The more I read about them the more I realize that many of their “personality” traits are traits common to their breed….

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Magnus Walters

Sandaire’s Magnus CKC 2000-2012 He came to us at just 10 weeks old, and was named by the family “Magnus” because he was such a great dog. Everyone remarked what a happy dog he was, and his perked, ears, smiling face, bright eyes and delighted welcome to all,…

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Max Bosco – Michigan

Max and How Life Has a Hard Time Changing Hi Lynn, Made a trip to the Whole Foods store to get carrots for some soup as I have a cold. Started out the door, leash in hand, and opened the car’s back door first, so Beefy Boy…

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MillieMo Sprankle

We first saw her at a Rescue event in Grafton, OH in 2003. She was ‘Queen of the Sandpile’ hoarding the pile as her own, chasing and barking at all the big dogs to challenge her sandpile domain~once she chased off our Airedales we knew she was the…

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Miss Daisy Spencer

It was a beautiful day in June of 2006. Our mission was to drive 1-1/-2 hours south of Chicago to pick up a 3-1/2 year old Airedale Terrier (from Kentucky) that was on her third transportation leg to her “forever” home – the Spencer household. The minute she…

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Myra J. Clingerman

In honor of Myra J. Clingerman’s devotion to Airedale Terriers. Donation from Grant and Pat Sherwood

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Parker Mann

Miss Nosy Parker, RA CD crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon with the help of Vet Associates. Bless them – Dr. Brett Ellis came to my house to help her out. She had metastatic cancer and had gone downhill very quickly over the past few weeks. The…

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Patrick Zaborniak

This donation is in memory of Droffats Patriotic Boy AX, AXJ, OF – Patrick. The Hall Family donated the money in Memory of Him. Patrick came to live with the Zaborniak family in 2006 and changed their lives and many other lives forever. He will never be forgotten…

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Paul Martin, Jr.

Paul Martin, Jr. left us at the age of 67 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was our volunteer, Elaine Martin’s other half, and dad to their Airedale, Maggie. He was also a U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran. He loved being out on his boat and enjoying his…

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Tail Wagging Tales

Annie Kobus-Toland MI

We really do love her, she’s a funny dog! She is growing so fast, I took her to the vet again last week and they immediately commented on how tall she has gotten! She and Bentley are still getting along really well. They play constantly; even in…

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Ashby Delle MI

Hello! I just wanted to share a picture of Ashby and his first snow experience. He LOVES snow! He hates it when he gets little snow balls stuck in his toes. He does however loves to chase after snowballs. He is doing great and we love him…

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Bailey Zacharias MI

FIRST DAY – HEAVEN!!!!!! Oh my, he is a good dog. On our morning walk another dog was out being walked, one of those small breeds, that dog barked nonstop. Bailey looked and was quite and wanted to continue his walk.At the moment, he is rearranging the blankets…

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Barnaby Haney MI

Written by Lynn O’ShaughnessyCreated: 11 August 2008Last Updated: 17 June 2013Hits: 5197 Barnaby (aka Henry the 4th) came into rescue as an 11-week old pup. He was surrendered by a family whose dad had lost his job just after bringing him into the family. Henry has found a wonderful home…

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Baxter Arnold OH

When serious illness forced Baxter’s family to surrender him, Jim and Cheryl Arnold decided they would act as Baxter’s Aire-angels. The Arnold’s were without an Airedale and, lucky for Baxter, they decided to take this sweet boy into their family. He is adjusting well and enjoying his…

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Bea Burns OH

We’ve decided that “Belle” was not quite her, so we dignified her with Beatrice, which quickly became Bea, and quite often she’s our goofy Beazus!! She’s such a silly girl! She’s quite a large dog – nearly 90 pounds – and full of life and energy. Over…

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Bella Row MI

Bella was one of seven pups that came from Oklahoma in the summer of 2010. Thanks to Mary Katherine Long, Jan Wiles, and Frances Martin, all of Oklahoma, for fostering these pups while they were in Oklahoma. SOAR really appreciates all the wonderful volunteers who donated their time…

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Bentley Buyarski – WI

Click here for a heartfelt note from Bentley’s family.

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Bingley Jung WV

As you can see from the video below, Bingley would like to have friends, but it seems so many other dogs are intimidated by her, which is such a shame, because she is clearly so much fun. Our kids all think she is just the best dog…

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Bixby Acheson – Ontario

We continue to so enjoy and love our dear Bixby. We just came back from two months in Georgia where she got daily long runs on the beach chasing the sea birds, running with other dogs, and cooling down in the ocean. She is full of mischief and love. Everyone in…

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Bogie Packard OH

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Bosco Thomas PA

It’s been a month since we added Cosmo (now know as Bosco) to our family and I thought you should have an update First off we are enjoying him and he has finally settled into the house and our lifestyle. We had a few tough times figuring…

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