Houston Grills MI

Jim, the girls, and I are enjoying Houston, or you may remember him as Moose/Frodo.  Attached is a photo of what I came home to in November.  Airedales will be Airedales ~~ thus the word terriers fit both Dallas (small 60 pounds) and Houston (large 125 pounds).  I bet Houston was on the sofa, rolled off and the cushion came with him and then both dogs played tug or war with it.  Needless to say we no longer have that sofa.

The dogs are a big hit with both of my girls’ friends that come over and visit; we are still working on that they are not lap dogs.  That is really hard to explain to new people who visit us and are not familiar with Airedales.  Both of the dogs sleep with my 17 year old daughter every night.  They will head up to her room about 8:30 and wait for her to come home and go to bed.  If she has a girlfriend spend the night they all sleep together in a full size bed.  Some of her friends choose not to spend the night after the 1st time :}

Well thanks again for all you guys do.

God Bless and Merry Christmas