Edith MI

JULY 2012


It’s been two weeks since we brought home Edith and things are going very well! She’s adjusted well to the sights and smells and routines of her new home, and has graciously accepted us as “her people.” She also seems to like her new name, especially when it’s followed by lots of treats and belly rubs. =) I’m attaching a couple pictures here.

Thank you again for shepherding us through the adoption process and for bringing such a beautiful and good little dog into our lives! Thanks too for the links about training. I’ve been pouring over the websites and we’re practicing “heel” right now.


Edith is doing very well. You can tell fall is her season! She’s more confident now and loves running around in the leaves. She’s much stronger now too. We’ve been taking her for some runs and Edith‘s legs have developed quite a bit. I’ve attached some pictures of Edith (below) with her new haircut (was she groomed before the picnic? I’m not sure but she’s due for another one already), with her absolute favorite toy, and in the area parks. It’s hard to believe it’s only been three months since she came home because I can’t remember what the household was like without her!