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My daughter did a project for PowerPoint club and she picked Finn, our SOAR dog.  I have been meaning to  write and say how happy we are with Finn, we tell everyone how we rescued Finn with SOAR.  He is such a great dog, I never had or even knew any Airedales before, so I was not sure what to expect, but he is such a great family dog.  Finn has helped our family move on from the loss of our 11-year yellow Lab, Teava. I needed Finn just as much as he needed me.  We love him and spoil him rotten!!  I have four children, 10 and under, so he gets plenty of attention.  Thanks for starting SOAR!  Oh, do they ever stop chewing up the house???
Jennifer Schnefke

(Editor’s note: We could not copy Claire’s exact PowerPoint presentation, but we tried to duplicate her work as best we could.)

Cute + Trouble = Finn
by Claire Schnefke

My rescued dog
* 6 months ago we rescued Finn
     from SOAR
* Starting Over Airedale Rescue.
     – Help Airedale’s who have no home
     – Started by a women in Michigan
* Finn was originally from Ft. Wayne, IN

He is the King of Terriers. Airedales are
– Loyal
– Cute
– Funny
– active
They don’t shed!

Finn loves to:
* Go for long walks Play
   at the park
* Chase cats, squirrels, and deer.
* Bark at strangers
* Smell things
* And if he doesn’t get a
   lot of exercise he ….

Chews on Anything!

* He has destroyed a lot of toys. He
loves to eat butter and any food in

Authors page

* Hi I am Claire! I am 9 years old. I am in Mrs. Trees class.

* I love Finn!