Heidi Abbott OH

Background:  Heidi’s dad passed away suddenly and at age 7, she needed a new family to help mend her broken heart.

Heidi’s New Home:  Heidi is a wonderful companion.  She runs and follows John around the back yard and his shop in the back.  She loves it outside.  You should have seen Heidi run and jump with the kids.  We laughed so hard.  She is quite a clown.

January 2014
Our youngest daughter came home from South Carolina so we had a second Christmas.  Everyone was here and sitting on Heidi’s couch.  Heidi was gone for quite a while.  Cathy went to check and here she had got in our daughter’s suitcase, pulled out Cathy’s wallet, chewed the wallet, debit card, insurance card, and driver license.  Didn’t eat anything.  We are sure she did that because her couch was taken.  Didn’t do anything like that before and nothing since.  We laughed so hard. 

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