Arthur T Airedale


Suddenly and without warning, Arthur T Airedale left his family, Chuck Stone and Farris Stone. He was the noblest and most regal Airedale. A best friend and a patriarch. “Good” or “Bad” were misnomers – he was the ultimate “Airedale” thru an’ thru.

Somewhere over that rainbow bridge, there are houses made of bacon, tables laden with piles of the stuff right at nose level, a never-ending supply. The skies are blue and there’s a constant golden glow full of the love that everyone carries with them. The fields are full of things to chase, snow to play in, and streams to splash in. Everyone has been restored to their best self, full of youth an’ vigor. Old friends are there to meet an’ greet and always, an’ forever, as each one looks over their loved ones, they are waiting, always ready to be right there at the gates, full of joy and happiness to meet them, again.

As for Arthur, he’s busy between lookin’ in on his family, settin’ up his presidential office, an’ draftin’ his decrees (like bacon for everyone, everywhere), and checkin’ in on the antics of his friends (proper or otherwise), he’ll still have time to be around….just outa sight.

A memorial cover for Arthur