Airecraft’s New Chapter (Page) Hartnett

This was the puppy that launched a thousand loves with her expressive eyes and laughing smile that lured so many admirers to shed their vows of “no more puppies” and take the delightful plunge again. If they were from her DNA, she promised a wild ride but one that left such delightful memories.

She held so many titles: CS-ATCH CT-ATCH URO2 UCD BIS UKC CH Airecraft’s New Chapter CD BN RE NA NAJ OAP OJP CAA DCAT CGCA CGCU TKP CTL3-R CTL3-H CTL3-F WCL2 CCS 2. She had both dog and human friends in all the things she loved doing from Conformation to Rally, Obedience, Lure Coursing, Fast Cat, Agility, and Scent Work.

You might think with kind of resume she was some aloof diva, but she was very down to earth—especially if that earth was in her mom’s flower bed or, even better, under the gazebo where she got stuck more than once. She didn’t mind one bit that planks had to be removed to help her out. She was a champion digger, living up to her terrier heritage, and she passed it along to her 19 beautiful puppies. She lives on through them and the many treasured memories of her accomplishments, love, and, yes, naughtiness. She was an Airedale, after all.

She was known as Page, PageyPup, and Sassy Pants and was cherished by her mom and loved by all who met her. She was a partner, teammate, and loyal companion to Lin, always giving that extra push to excel.

She had a neurological episode that came on quickly and she could not recover from it. She leaves a host of grieving friends.

(Memorial by Nelda Moore)