Charlotte O’Shaughnessy

Charlotte with an old woman
Charlotte standing on dried leaves

Charlotte crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon. I held her close, I kissed her face, I scratched her all over, and tried to burn all the specialness of her earthly body into my memory. My little hoppy girl started to slow down a few weeks ago. On Sunday she fell down the stairs. We took her to the emergency vet. Luckily she had not broken anything, but she was not right. They treated her for an inner ear infection, she was beginning to circle, appear like she was blind and had rapid eye movements. We took her home and hoped for the best of three possible outcomes. She continued to decline. This morning she quit eating and would not open her jaw to let me give her any medications.

Just as Charlotte told us in no uncertain terms that she had no intentions of leaving our home and family, she also let me know that she had come to the end of her story. My heart is broken…the tears are flowing. I will miss my little hoppy girl until we meet again. Take extra special care of little Joy Charlotte! I love you beyond words. Take care…

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Charlotte sitting on the floor with toys
Charlotte lying down her head