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Adoption Process

Please read about the Adoption Process before clicking on the "Adoption Application" button at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Pet ownership is a serious commitment that the entire household needs to consider and agree to before the animal is adopted. We want to ensure that each adoptive household is aware of and willing and able to accept the physical and financial responsibilities of pet ownership. Not everyone who desires to own a pet is ready to properly care for one. The Adoption Application and approval process will assist both you and us in determining if your household is prepared to assume the role of a responsible caretaker for a rescued animal. Thank you for filling it out!

Once you submit the Adoption Application, we will call your reference and a volunteer will call you for a telephone interview. If there are no problems that arise from the telephone interview, we will have a volunteer do a home visit with you. They will bring an Airedale with them (one of their own usually).

An Airedale terrier near flowers

By submitting this Application, you agree that we can proceed with these next two steps in the Adoption Application process. In addition, by submitting this Application, you agree that Starting Over Airedale Rescue, Inc. may call the reference that you have provided and that we may call you for a telephone interview. You understand that proceeding with this application does not guarantee that SOAR will approve you for adopting one of our dogs. You also understand that if you are approved, you may have to wait until a dog enters rescue that SOAR believes is a good match for you and your family. Once a match is made, you understand that you will be asked to make a suggested adoption donation of $300 to $450. If the placement does not work out, you will be required to return the dog to SOAR.

Once you have been approved, please be sure to work closely with your state coordinator about any dog you might be interested in. If the dog is out-of-state, we will need to coordinate an adoption with that state coordinator.

Click Here to download a pdf version of the Adoption Application which you may mail in or fax.

Airedales for Adoption

Senior AiredalesSpecial Needs Airedales
None at this timeNone at this time
Airedales for Adoption by StateAiredales for Adoption by Age
Ohio - BarrettBarrett - 2 years
Pennsylvania - AnnieAnnie - 2 years
Arkansas - GracieGracie - 1 year, 10 months

BARRETT - 22-022-OH

Sex: Male - neutered

Age: 2 years

Weight: X pounds

State: Ohio

Contact: Heather Estlow at 814-327-5657 or

Barrett is an almost two year old neutered male. He is a big guy who doesn't seem to know his size. He is very affectionate and loves big and little people, and dogs his size.

We're saying no to cats because he does have a high prey drive, and no to little humans because he will knock them down. His last home had an almost teenager (a tween-ager?) that he knocked down many times. He will also not be a good fit for elderly or frail individuals.

He walks very nicely on a leash, only if you use a Gentle Leader, and loves to go for walks and rides in the car. He loves to play, and is a very active and agile dog who is eager to learn.
Barrett is looking for a home with an active family who wants to included him in their activities, give him lots of exercise and help him with his manners.
He truly thinks he is a little dog.
His new home will need to be with a family who is extremely tidy and does not let things lay around and will restrict his access to areas of the home where he can and will find inappropriate objects to eat. His favorite is socks, and we don't mean he's eaten just  one or two socks. His former owner described him as being like Pac-man with socks. He's obsessed with eating them and will hunt for them and find them anywhere you put them unless behind closed doors. Any small clothing items, or any small items at all will need to be kept away from him in a way he has zero access to them. Left unchecked, this behavior could lead to surgery, or worse if his new home does not take this very seriously. We cannot stress this enough.
We know there is a special home out there for this sweet guy. We do not know if this is a behavior he will grow out of, but if you think you are the right fit for Barrett, please call Heather at 814-327-5657, or email her at .

ANNIE - 22-031-PA

Adopted Pending

Sex: Female - spayed

Age: 2 years

Weight: XX pounds

State: Pennsylvania

Contact: Heather Estlow at 814-327-5657 or

Annie is an almost two year old spayed female. She is very affectionate, loves to snuggle, and just be with you. She loves car rides, is used to running/walking approximately four miles a day, and loves playing with other dogs. Annie does not like being left alone.  Her previous owner worked long hours, and cared very well for Annie, but Annie would just like her new family to spend much more time with her to help her get over her separation anxiety. She is house-trained, but with her recent separation anxiety issues, she has reverted back to having accidents when her owner was gone.
If your family has someone who is home most of the time, Annie would love to bring her suitcases and be your new buddy!
Please contact Heather Estlow

GRACIE - 22-041-OK

Adoption Pending

Sex: Female - spayed

Age: 1 year, 10 months - DOB December 2020

Weight: 65 pounds

State: Arkansas

Contact: Christine Bettis at or 501-231-4300

Hi, my name is Gracie.  I am a big (tall and long), energetic, young Airedale that was given up through no fault of my own.  I was loved (no emotional baggage) and my family took good care of me, but their situation changed and they gave me up to SOAR.   All my vet care is complete and I am in a wonderful foster home in Arkansas.

Foster Mom has discovered that I have had little to no training so I am that happy brat that needs some manners!  I jump on you with full ADT enthusiasm if we have been separated for any length of time (I did miss you a lot!), and of course I would like to see what is on the countertop if it smells like something I need, I pull and weave on a lead, and lastly I bark big and loud to let you know that there are people and dogs outside.  You do want to know that, right? And I will put my mouth on your hands but never bite or hurt, I just want you to know that I am here and ready for your attention.  But all that said, I will readily lick your legs or feet, I will give you kisses while you bend down to tie your shoes and I watch your face to make sure everything is ok.  I am not afraid of anything, including things that fall over like the sweeper- heard that before, but when I get a bit anxious, I breath fast but my Foster Mom talks to me and assures me that everything is OK.  You can’t imagine how confused I am with all the recent changes and all the rules—geez.

I do share my foster home with Airedale brother Benny, and we like to carry on inside and out in the fenced backyard.  I am bigger than Benny and he is tolerant of my jumping on him  and biting his legs while we play but he will let me know when he is done with my youngster antics.  Toys are my favorite, squeaky toys, balls, and just about anything Benny has, especially that pink pig- his favorite.  Also, I like to share his water bowl and food bowl even if he is in them!  He does complain and I might give him some sass if Mom doesn’t take control right away. I have my own bowl and separate area to eat but I am a slow eater, I nibble and walk away,  it may take hours for me to finish my meal. Foster Mom has to monitor our dining activities.  She says I can’t be the alpha in the family because she is.  I play hard and crazy, and like to walk between your legs- almost knocking my Foster Mom down but she stopped all the horsing around –"take it outside”, she said.   I gave her a big kiss afterwards as I am a good girl,  really! I like puddles and like to drink lots of water- wet muzzle alert!! I have a wavy but wiry dark coat.  The groomer cut off my beard and my furnishings but they will all grow back with some time.  I have a beautiful tail, too.

Mom says I am a diamond in the rough, and whoever adopts me should be ready to work to be successful on my journey to make you glad you brought me into your family. She says that I am affectionate, and a snuggler,  with a loving heart and good instincts.  We made a list of requirements for your review before applying to adopt me:

  1. Approved home and /or Airedale experienced
  2. No small children  (under 8),  no small dogs in our household- I am big and sometime a bull in the china shop. Seniors should be protected from all my energy.
  3. If you have a large dog in the household already, they need to be ready for action and tolerant of my big play and youthful ignorance. Be present while we work out all the nuances of living together.  Just like marriage, it takes time and work.
  4. No cats as my prey drive is very strong and I am FAST!
  5. Fenced backyard where I can be a wild, crazy kids to play
  6. Exercise me very day, a short walk or run a couple times a day would be better!  Walk /or train me to run with you as I need the practice, but be positive and patient while I learn the ropes. Is this a walk for me or you?  I like to smell and look around, let me do that if the walk is for me.  If I am training for your next 5k, then please help me to understand the difference before you reprimand.  Bring me along slowly to run distances or speed, and be cognizant that dogs sweat through their feet and mouths and I can overheat easily in hot weather. Pay attention to me, am I enjoying this or struggling?
  7. I need someone that is home more than out of the house as I prefer company. My Foster Mom is working on my crate skills for short periods of time.  I need to earn my freedom in the house while the humans are away- I don’t like to be in trouble!

SOAR  welcomes your interest in Gracie.  Please submit your application on SOAR’s web site or if already approved, contact your coordinator from your state and have them contact Chris Bettis at 501-231-4300 or

Mixes for Adoption

No Mixes at This time

This page is offered as a service to our supporters to help them with the placement of some of the wonderful Airedale mixes that need a home.

SOAR is not responsible in any way for the temperament or placement of the Airedale mixes listed on this page. If you are interested in adopting any of them, you will need to contact the person listed directly. Do not apply through SOAR.