Godfrey Pucalik IN

I am happy to report Godfrey has made himself at home in our lives. He loves to play with his buddies Echo (Lakeland Terrier) and Gordon( Airedale), and is full of energy! In order to combat his energy I have been working with him for an hour every night in the backyard throwing his Kong, he loves it and has become quite the retriever. He really loves to play outside when there is snow on the ground and bounds around in the snow like Tigger the Tiger. Godfrey has also become a great walker! He enjoys going on long walks with me through the neighborhood and handles the leash very well. Godfrey has adapted very well, he is completely house broken and boy does he love affection (his weakness is belly rubs). He has become very attached to my mom and me and will follow us from room to room. Godfrey has become a great companion for me and I am thankful every day we made the decision to adopt him.

Thank you,
Megan Pucalik