Breezie Ragan

Breezie sitting next to a chair

Breezie had ACL surgery three years ago. It was a bad injury not attended to by her former owner. She fell a lot, but she was queen, and lived more than three great years here.

She came from a shelter, found tied to the gate at night with a note stating, “We don’t want her anymore.” She was quickly rescued, groomed, had some tumors removed, and she moved in.

Dealing with the Beagle and two other old gals here, she still held rein on the throne. Breezie hated the clothes dryer and loved kids. She also loved her pine tree which was trimmed for her to oversee her kingdom, perched under the tree in a bed of pine needles which she regularly rearranged to her liking.

She was 12 years old in June. During the last week of September, she started falling a lot. On October 3rd, her ACL broke loose and her whole leg gave out. Later that day, being held by people who loved her, she passed over the Rainbow Bridge to meet her human and dog friends who passed before her.

My red headed Airedale will be missed by so many, as she never met anyone she failed to greet with her body rubs, bumps and kisses.

Joan Ragan

Breezie with a collar