Jade Dickensheets MI Part 2

Just a note to touch base with you on the therapy work Jade and I have been doing since passing the Therapy Dog International (TDI) test this past November 11th. Every week we’ve been visiting both the Hillsdale Medical Care facility where my grandmother lives and an assisted living facility called Country Living.

A couple weeks ago I sat in on an elementary group of six kids reading with a teacher, mentors, and another therapy dog.  It was very inspiring! Jade and I are “on call” if ever they need us to fill in. 

Today we went to Coldwater to a rehab facility for head trauma patients called New Hope.  We were at the outpatient building. Jade did excellent while meeting and interacting with six patients with varying degrees of disability due to head trauma.  Some were in wheel chairs, others were not. One gentleman in a wheel chair immediately bonded with Jade, and she to him.  It was so exciting watching her pour on the love!

For now I’m sending you a few of Jade interacting with my grandmother and twin sister, Darlene. The last picture of Jade shows how exhausting therapy work can be.  LOL

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