Andy Nims-Billion

A portrait of Andy Nims-Billion

Andy IV was in a pet store in Belleville, MI. Annette Hall asked us to go check on him. He was sick, malnourished and half the weight and size he should have been for his age.

We took him home with us and called in the State Dept. of Agriculture on the store through our Vet.

Subsequently, I found the breeder and discovered that Andy’s brother was still with her. Rather than have him too sold into the pet store trade, I worked with Lynn O and she flew down to Missouri with his “bail” money and brought him back to Michigan. He went to live with a family on the west side of the state and was named Teddy.

Andy thrived with us and his big protector, Sir Miles Doo Bop. Andy was the only puppy or dog that I ever saw Miles play with.

Andy became the inspiration for AireAngels. This is a group on yahoo that watches over any Airedale Puppy that is found in a store and works to be sure the pup is healthy and taken care of properly. Members also educate pet store owners of the problems caused by selling Airedale puppies through their stores. Many end up in Rescue.

Rally and Andy used to play for hours at a time on Rally and Annette’s visits up to Deerfield House. Andy always loved to play with children, small dogs and puppies. He would lie and play gentle bittey face with them for hours.

Andy was a camera diva. He loved to be photographed and I think he knew what it was all about. He would watch TV and had a very extensive vocabulary of vocalizations. Andy knew language and wanted in the worst way to be able to talk. He made a good go of it and was quite capable of making us understand what he wanted.

He was taken too soon by cancer. Other than the cancer, Andy was in very good condition and might have lived happily for several more years. The whole pack misses him very much and will never forget him. This Spring we will bury him with his other Airedale friends under the white oak at Deerfield house. He will be in the company of Andy III, Sir Miles Doo Bop, Rally, and Sir Adam Farnsworth Billion at their favorites spot.

So ends our last direct connection with Annette Hall. Andy is now with her at the Bridge.

Kirk Nims

Andy Nims-Billion with a pup on the sofa
Andy Nims-Billion opening his mouth