Maya’s Story IN


Hello, my name is Maya and I am what is called a rescue Airedale. I had a nice family home, but things happen and I was surrendered to a nice lady who promised to find me a new loving home.

My foster mom took great care of me and even let me play with her other dogs. She loved me and fed me and updated me on my manners. Still, I missed being part of my own family. My foster mom and other folks at SOAR put my picture and a short bio on something called the web, and said that I was ready for a new forever home. A family in a place called Indiana stepped forward and said that they were interested in adopting me.

The SOAR coordinator and my foster mom checked them out and talked to them about me and my wants and needs. My foster mom said, “Yes.” SOAR said, “Yes.” And I was to be placed with them. I was told I was going to live with a nice couple from a place in northeastern Indiana called Fort Wayne. Now, I had never heard of these people or where they were from. But a place called Fort Wayne, Indiana made me think of the wild west, with all kinds of cowboys and injuns. I was a bit worried, but still looking forward to a new home.

Arrangements were made and my new mom and a couple of her friends came to pick me up. They put in something called an “airy-plane” and off we went to my new home. Now I’d never flown before and didn’t even know what an “airy-plane” was, so you can imagine that I was a bit scared. But after a while I just settled in and enjoyed the flight. They wouldn’t let me pilot the thing, but that was all right with me.

When the “airy-plane” thing landed I got a car ride to my new home. My new dad was waiting for me with open arms and a couple of pieces of cheese. I wasn’t too sure about the open arms, but I really liked the cheese.

There was something called a banner stretched across the doorway into the family room and I was told it said “Welcome Home Maya”. I was shown a cake with my name on it and a small welcome sign on my new crate. I don’t think these people know that I can’t read. The cake looked real good, but I didn’t get any of it! They didn’t give me any ice cream either!

My first night was kinda scary. I didn’t really know these people or these new smells. And let me tell you about the smells. I have a fenced back yard with all kinds of flowers and a couple of trees. I had a really good time taking all that in as some of the flowers I had never smelt before. I even have a ramp from the family room to the garage floor that they had built for a previous ‘dale. 

I was really tired and kinda tense about the excitement and the “airy-plane” ride. I slept most of that night and throughout the next day. 

That first morning in my new home I was still a bit shy, and I’d seemed to have forgotten most of my commands. I also had some noise sensitivity. Fortunately I hadn’t seen any injuns or cowboys and the place looked kinda of normal. The temperatures and humidity were different. They told me that winter would be really cold and there would be a lot of snow. I’m not too sure I’ll like that! 


I was being fed and walked and got to explore the back yard. I was getting a lot of pats and body and ear rubs. I was also getting treats, and I really like treats. My new dad told me that this was now my home, that they would take care of me and, if I let them, would love me and spoil me. All they wanted in return was for me to love them and some good behavior. I inherited a ton of toys, but I don’t seem to like toys!

By that night I was getting kinda used to the new surroundings and my new people. I started thinking that maybe I could trust them. My new mom and dad seem nice, but I think they were a little unsure of me too. I was comfortable enough that I even started wagging my tail and remembering some of my commands.

The first week that I was here I got to spend a lot of time with my new people. We went to a Donut Breakfast. I got a couple of pieces of donut. The first one was pretty good, but I didn’t like the other. The people I met seemed to like me and wanted to pet me.

We went to a pet store and shopped around. I didn’t see anything that I liked, but I did get to see some other dogs. I also met people that petted me here too! Don’t they have enough dogs in this town? (When we first got there I was afraid they were getting rid of me, but I was wrong!)

We also went to a “drive in hot dog stand”. I don’t like that “hot dog” idea but I found out it wasn’t really a dog. (I would have really hated it if it was one of my friends.) I got a couple of bites of a “hot dog” and bun, but didn’t get any of the coney sauce.

I’m still not totally comfortable. There are lots of new things for me to learn, and I’m still a bit noise sensitive. Thunderstorms have been predicted, but so far haven’t happened.

By the end of the first week I was wagging both my tail and my butt. I’m getting lots of walks, body rubs and attention. Even some different human foods. I slipped up the other day and did my “teeth click” showing how happy I was. (Fortunately being ‘dale owners from way back they knew what it meant.) And you should see the grin on my face when I get to run in my back yard!

I really like my new mom and dad – ‘ought to see me when they come home from somewhere I couldn’t go! Course dad is what is called retired, whatever that means, and is here with me most of the time.

You know I was kinda scared and shy at first. I was unsure of myself and my new people, but I’m warming up and trusting these folks. I really miss my old people and foster mom, and the lady from SOAR, but I think its all going to be okay.

I’m starting to really like it here! I think I’ll keep them. Gotta go, there’s a chipmunk in the back yard, I’ll get him yet!