Mary Wright

Jake was my first foster dog. He was seven years old when he came into rescue. He came a mess, but with love in his eyes. Good medical care, good food, and lots of love have given me a great, old dog. He loves to sleep on my bed and greets me at the door every day. I almost lost Jake last January to a bad heart. With proper meds he is still with me eight months later. Everyday with him is a blessing.Bronson was foster number four. He almost didn’t get to me because Katy and Mark kept him over night and knew he was a special dog and didn’t want to give him up. Thank goodness they did. Bronson was two at the time, given up because he didn’t work out as a hunting dog. I could tell within a couple days if he wasn’t kept busy he was going to be one of those dogs who got into lots of trouble. I got him into training right away. He has three Rally titles, and is now working in obedience and agility. He is a registered therapy dog. He does hospital visits and works in a program called Agility Angles. It is a group of children with autism who are learning life skills through working with the dogs in agility. They actually compete in competition. Every one who meets him can’t believe he is an Airedale. He is so sweet, patient, and calm, but still has the willfulness of an Airedale. This keeps him very busy but he still finds time and energy to get into a little trouble. He loves to counter surf but his big brother Jake will tattle on him by barking to tell me Bronson is doing something bad.Besides working and loving my dogs I love to garden, play a little golf, and entertain friends. I work as an Occupational Therapist in outpatient arthritis care.

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