Michael Billion

I’ve been involved with SOAR since its inception, and part of the reason for my dedication to this caring and committed organization is a woman named Lynn O.

I love her drive, her devotion and her determination.

I also happen to be mad about Airedales. For me, life isn’t life without a wonderful, wooly and whacky Airedale by my side. I’ve always had Airedales, and I’ve worked in Airedale rescue for many years and in many capacities.

In 1998, just as I’d completed work on the new home I’d been building up north, I felt something was missing. A certain kind of four-legged companion. And I knew I was ready for my next Airedale.

Because ATRA was nearby and needed a foster for a 6-year-old male by the name of Miles, I stepped right up, ready to take him in and take him on. Temporarily, of course.

Needless to say, he was mine and I was his the moment our eyes met!

With “Old Man Miles” in my life, I became increasingly more active, taking him with me wherever I went. To me, he was the Airedale King, standing 30 inches at the shoulder, lean and muscled, and weighing 105 pounds!

But that was then and this is now. Currently, with SOAR, I help out with transports and with fundraising events, and I’m presently creating all of the centerpieces for their major, annual fundraiser.

To me, Airedale Terriers are one of the most interesting and challenging breeds of canines. And for anyone eager to add some spice to their life, they couldn’t ask for more sass or sauciness than with an ADT. Of course, one must have patience and determination to survive the first three years with an Airedale puppy. After that, it’s pure bliss!