Daisy Main MI

Daisy‘s mom had passed away leaving Daisey and her Airedale sister, Maggie homeless. Thanks to Mike Billion for jumping in his car to make a 6-hour, round trip up north to pick the both of them up.

Thanks to Mike Billion and Kirk Nims for temporarily fostering Daisy until another foster home could be found. Wetbeardkisses to Diane Martin and her family for fostering Daisy and for making sure she got to her forever new home. All of you who helped Daisey are truly Aire Angels!

I found myself homeless at age 10 because of a death in my family. I was worried because I really didn’t know who would want a old gal like me. I had some fatty tumors, a heart murmur, worn out hips and was on three different medications. I had my share of gray hair and was still mourning the loss of my mom. All I really wanted was to be a part of someone’s life and to have a place to call my own for the rest of my golden years, but things didn’t look promising. This is when I found out there were truly Aire-Angels on earth…and they volunteered for SOAR!

A wonderful man drove 3 hours one way to pick me up and take me under SOAR’s wings. He and another caring man got me started on the road to hope. My foster mom was great! She told me every day that there was a place for me and not to worry. Then it happened! Just two short weeks later, a wonderful woman actually wanted ME to be a part of her family! The best part was that she was also a senior! Now we go everywhere together…including the senior living home where she works. She makes my heart sing once again. This is truly a miracle!

Click on the “play” button of the audio player below to hear what my mom, Barbara, had to say when Lynn O’Shaughnessy called to tell her that a kind rescue person donated a tub full of Joint Max Soft Chews for me.

UPDATE – December 2010

Here is my best girl, Daisy. I’m so lucky to have her. Daisy has now finished eight Adequan shots and I will return in two weeks for an evaluation. I really do think that it has helped her. I so appreciate the work that you do, you can’t begin to put a price on it.

Poor Daisy us old girls just keep having problems. But I love her and she is a survivor, thank God.

Barbara Main

UPDATE – January 20, 2011

I have euthanized my beloved Daisy, and her ashes, and her paw print will be available for pickup on Saturday. She was by far the best dog and friend I ever had. She and I moved to Denver in October, a move I don’t think I could have made without her. I had retired in June at 68 partly to spend more time with her. She was so game and so wonderful. Her back joints hurt a lot, and she had a lot of problems getting up, but she always struggled and succeeded. I was so proud of her! But she was having recurring diarrhea and more pain as time went on and I realized that it was time to let her go. I have lost a wonderful friend and I will never forget her. I remember saying to you that I didn’t think I wanted an “older” Airedale, because I would get too involved and it would be painful to have her leave so soon. Well, I wouldn’t trade that time that was given to her and to me for the world. I was extremely fortunate to have know her for as long as I did. She taught me a lot. Her ashes will someday be thrown to the winds with me, as I want her with me. Thanks so much for all that you did for Daisy and for me. Eventually I will get another Airedale because I think they are a fantastic loving breed that teach us new things every day.
Barb Main