Daphne Morse IN

After living overseas for five years, my husband and I finally settled in Indiana. My favorite idea about settling down was the prospect of being able to have a dog! My family has always had Airedales so I started my search. I thought about a puppy first, but soon realized that an adult dog would be more suited to our lifestyle. I checked out some Airedale rescue websites and got in contact with Sandy Check who, after a few conversations, said she might have just the dog for us.

Shortly after Christmas, we picked up three year old Daphne (then named Bushy) from her foster home in Kentucky and drove her back to Indiana. We love our new furry family member. Daphne is crate trained and has no qualms staying there while we are out which is a good thing since she can’t be trusted if there is anything edible within her (impressive) reach! She loves to play tug o’ war with her rope and sometimes fetch. We’ve been taking her to training classes and she’s done pretty well as long as there is food involved. Surprisingly, Daphne never barks and is very well-behaved unless a cat or dog has offended her.

My favorite thing to do with Daphne is going for morning walks. Even in the cold weather we’ve had a good time exploring the neighborhood and being told how pretty Daphne is by the neighbors. I can’t describe how wonderful it is to come home to Daphne’s happy, fuzzy face and how clear it is now that we were missing something snuggly in our lives. She makes me laugh almost every day, either by attacking me with kisses, stealing a sock to get my attention, or by trying to itch that one spot by wiggling around on her back. They say Airedales have a sense of humor and I agree whole-heartedly!

Many thanks to Sandy Check for her hard work and to the people who fostered her! We look forward to many happy years with our Daphers!

Lynnea  and Tom Morse