Cricket Vanderlaan MI


Cricket has really made herself at home. We have no problems with her doing her business in the house. She goes regularly in the park, and Roger has to take them out only four times instead of six. She has soooooo bonded with Roger, but gives me kisses regularly! She sleeps on the bed between us, and cuddles on the couch with us. Our previous ‘Dale wasn’t into cuddling – I could give her a couple of kisses and then she’d be off – she was more like a cat in that respect. One of the things that Roger liked about Buffy was that she had her own mind about walking. Buffy told Roger which direction she wanted to go in and how long she wanted to be out. Stormy just goes where ever. Now, Cricket is starting to assert herself. She plants herself if she doesn’t want to go in the direction he had in mind!

We couldn’t be happier with her. At first, when I took her face in my hands and gave her kisses, she ducked as if I were going to smack her. Now she knows, and she lets me kiss her as much as I want. She knows the difference between our fleece socks and her toys. But she will still grab one of Roger’s articles of clothing or shoes to throw in the air to get our attention! We don’t have to put her in the crate any more – she never does any damage to anything. She and Stormy enjoy playing together.

Roger has her scheduled for an intermediate behavior class in January. She needs more work on walking nicely on the leash, but she is behaving very well in general.

She’s a great Christmas present. We love her dearly, and can’t imagine a house without a ‘Dale.