Tanner Wendlandt IL

6-24-12 UPDATE

Just wanted to send out a brief message regarding our boy. Tanner is doing wonderfully!

We had a vet visit earlier this week and as the vet stated “If you wouldn’t have told me he was 10 I would have estimated his age to be 7 years. He is in tip top shape, has a wonderful appetite, is a great walker and has been gracious enough to let Boo have control of the house. He is so grateful for every squirrel that visits our home, and lets me know when they have arrived. He has made friends with the 14 year old Border Collie next door, who thankfully is deaf, I’m afraid some of Tanners words could be misunderstood.

I have no need for any trainers, this gent came with his own text and has taught me all I need to know. He wants to be fed in a timely manner (needs a reminder to clean up), he helps me rearrange my furniture and had created wonderful ‘doggie art’ on every window on the lower level (that would be 24) and no matter who I share it with he is sure to recreate.

He is wonderful with commands, though he seems to lose them, or can’t hear them…. no… truth be told, ignores them. Not always – just when he thinks he know better than I.

I know one thing for sure, we absolutely love him and would take another senior at the drop of a hat. It breaks my heart to know that his first family let him go but am so grateful that we were here for him. God bless you all for rescuing him and all the other displaced ‘dales.

Deb Wendlandt