Tanner Trippe MN

The Story of Our Tanner
The timing was right to add another Airedale in our lives and home to love. When Lynn heard about Tanner, she immediately thought about us. We were thrilled! We had to wait until he was neutered and vetted. Those two weeks couldn’t go by fast enough! Tanner was my birthday present. The two weeks I had to wait could not go by fast enough, but thanks to the many wonderful volunteers in SOAR, Tanner made his two-day journey from Columbus, Ohio to our home in North Branch, Minnesota over Labor Day weekend. I can’t thank all the volunteers enough for giving up their time transporting him. Tanner was an overnight guest with Ed and Michelle Stuebe and his girls and foster dog. Pete made the drive to Madison, Wisconsin to meet Ed. I knew Pete was hooked on the drive home with all the phone calls and updates. When I went outside to meet him, I was in love and awe! Tanner fell instantly in love with our female Airedale, Rorie Bell and our two Wire Fox Terriers, Asta and Hoosier. He is so sweet and gentle. Tanner loves to give kisses on the end of my nose ever so gently. He loves to play in the yard and tries to catch squirrels and frogs. Tanner took to our home right away. The very first night he slept in our bed with me, Rorie Bell and Asta. One of his favorite things to do is to rub between our legs back and forth like a kitty. He also does this against my husband’s chair while my husband is sitting in it. The chair does slide a few inches and we laugh. He also likes to bat around Asta and Hoosier’s dog dishes in the kitchen. Tanner’s nickname is Mr. Snuggles. It’s not the manliest nickname, but it fits him. One of Rorie Bell’s nicknames is Miss Wiggles, so now we have a Mr. Snuggles and a Miss Wiggles. We have fallen in love with this wonderful boy who just needed a home where he felt loved, had playmates, and plenty of attention. Tanner is very sweet with our three daughters. He especially likes our oldest daughter MacKenzie. She has a way with dogs. It never ceases to amaze me how resilient these Airedales are to change. He never felt or looked confused by the transition of a new home. They just want to be loved and appreciated. Tanner has given us so much. We are the lucky ones. We are truly blessed to have him come into our lives. He has allowed us to love him and he loves us back. I can’t thank Lynn and SOAR enough for giving us that chance to adopt and love Tanner. As I type this, he is sleeping next to me snoring. Life doesn’t get much better than this! He is everything we dreamed of and more. Tanner has completed our family.