Sophie Fox OH

Seniors Really do Rule

On February 6th, 2008, we adopted Sophie, an 11+ year old girl and what an experience she has been! In a short time she has stolen the hearts of all who have met her. She waits for Jim to get home from work to start “discussing” her walk with him. She loves the walks in the evening and has learned from Piper how to “say” just the right things to persuade Jim to get his boots and take the girls on the much anticipated walk. Sophie is always eager to meet new people and loves to go along to the office with Piper. They each have their space around my desk complete with comfy beds and a floor littered with toys. Sometimes it’s a handful getting them into the office since we have a family of rabbits who have taken up housekeeping under the bushes! Piper tells Sophie how tasty she thinks the rabbit would be and the two of them together could surely manage to capture one if it weren’t for Mom holding them back!

For anyone who thinks adopting a senior dog has too many negatives—-they haven’t met Sophie!! It is an unselfish act to adopt an aged dog because we (think) know in our heart their time is limited with us and none of us want to say goodbye to our furkids. Well, Sophie and Piper once again have reminded me that nothing in this life is guaranteed. All we ever truly have is today. I urge everyone to take a look at the senior dogs in rescue and reconsider as they will give you much more than you can ever give them. Their love and appreciation is worth more than mere words could give credit to. There are no guarantees that a young dog will outlive an old one, so pick up that newsletter and take another look at the aged dogs. You will never regret it.

Jim, Susan, Piper, and Sophie Fox