Rico Costigan IL


We are home and Rico is having a blast checking out his new home. He is an excellent traveler – no problems or stress at all. After a few trips into the yard he realized it went farther than he thought. He also found the pond and promptly jumped in – went all the way under – swam over to me and got out. Don’t think he will do it again, but we are going with on all trips until he gets the lay of the land.

We can’t thank you enough. He is gorgeous, smart and a ball of fun. Just what the doctor ordered for this house and these people.


Rico, since his grooming, is almost the spitting image of Sammie. Our kids came in the house and almost fainted when they saw him. He is just too awesome for words and we are crazy about each other. The yard was finished with the clean-up today, so no more horrible burrs. He has found the paths and is having a great time. He doesn’t like the dark, so we use a flashlight for him at night and will have the handyman light up the yard by the stairs this week as well.

On Saturday night we were out of the deck with friends and Rico got a rabbit. Unfortunately for the poor little thing, it’s back was broken. It blessedly died, since we don’t own a gun. He was just playing with it, but he’s a hunter and moves like a cat. He wasn’t even running that fast. A few bounds and it was done. But, he is all Airedale and we think younger than 5 for sure. Taking him over to see what our vet thinks this week.

He walks on a leash and harness like a star – no pulling. When we stop he sits. One thing for sure. This dog was never harmed or abused in any way. What a blessing for him. He is a peach. Oh – and he sleeps in our bed like a log. It is hysterical. we have had dogs that came up and went to their own bed after a while, not Rico.

So – thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynn. We are having a blast here. 


Our boy came up to wake me this morning – very early. He didn’t know he was supposed to reset his clock. So, I asked him if wanted to wait a while and the little guy spooned with me for an hour. He is such a love. I made bacon this morning and walked away from the platter in the kitchen – on purpose. He never gave it a second glance and waited til we were seated. He is learning to say grace as well. He is such a doll, there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t marvel at him.

We finally figured out how Rico asks to go outside. Never got the bells, thought we would pay attention and figure it out. If we haven’t asked him for a while he will finally come up and give your hand a little nose – or a kiss. That’s it. 


We have had no power since Saturday. We have company from New York and we’re all in a hotel

Our very smart boy can stand up, hold down the handle of the door and then pull backwards and open it with no trouble. They called us while at dinner last night to say he was running the halls. When we got here he was working behind the front desk, standing up and greeting guests. Everyone is calling him by name today. I yi yi. We have a terribly smart and popular boy and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Just checking in with news from our Rico. Lynn, he is truly a standout. He has the brain of our Augie and is the hunter, athlete, and the speed demon of Sammie. We always said Augie was the great communicator. Rico has this – and then some. He likes – 2 – rides a day. He can tell time within a minute or two of breakfast, dinner or a ride. He knows geography. When we get to particular places he knows to put his head out the window – like our neighborhood. He is truly amazing and we are just insane for this boy. And – he is a boy. He is a baby – not a doubt in our minds. Again – thank you for saving him for us!!!!!! He belongs here. He knows us and we are so thrilled.


Sub Zero Prisoners

(Reuters) – Two recluses trapped in Crystal Lake Home

Susan and Michael Costigan homebound in -14 degrees Fahrenheit were entertained today by Rico otherwise known as Rico Suave. His limit in the elements today was 3 minutes 27 seconds before his paws froze and he needed “paw warming” by Mrs. Costigan. Mr. Costigan cooked homemade grilled cheese with tomato rice soup. Rico not only approved but was looking for seconds before a trip to the bank kept him from utter boredom. Both banks donated biscuits to Rico’s wellbeing and wished him well before he brought his head back into the van and looked for a trip to the local butcher in search of filet. Unfortunately, Kalck’s (the local butcher) was closed due to frozen pipes and Rico was forced to eat Fruit Cake and meatballs before stealing Mr. Costigan’s slippers and heading down to his bed.

Mrs. Costigan has filed a missing slippers report with the local constabulary and they are on the lookout for the smelly furry slip-ons as of this writing.

Lynn, we’re obviously going stir crazy, but I haven’t written you to tell you that the greatest gift Sue and I have ever been given was this incredible guy. He is our constant companion and evolves every day as we all grow together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Happy New year!!


We often wonder what his conditions were and why he has such a wonderful personality. This is the first Airedale we’ve ever lived with that has no scars; none. He is constant joy and our previous rescues have always been some horror story which they never fully recover from. They do have wonderful lives here because we make them the center of attention but we have always seen signs of the damage done, but not this guy. He does attack the windshield wiper from time to time but he fears nothing except maybe the noise made by aluminum foil. He plays at least once an hour without any prompting but one of his biggest tricks is that when I’m on a conference call, if I’m on longer than about 45 minutes, he brings over a squeaky toy and makes sure he squeaks it ever two or three seconds until I either mute the phone and play with him or I just tell the client what is going on which is when he jumps up on my lap.

If I remember right, someone said that he’ll stand on you until his rear legs start wobbling. Well, that hasn’t changed. He loves to stand on you for some reason. We have put ten pounds on him and he now looks well nourished. We give him half a cup of dog food in the morning but he won’t eat it until we return from our morning ride to McDonald’s where we get coffee and he hangs out the window to let all the window attendants talk and pet him and give him his eggs. He has those when we get home and then he still won’t eat his dog food until he prays and gets his half piece of honey baked ham.

I don’t know if you have heard but he has become terribly religious. He now prays at every meal. I doubt it has anything to do with the fact that he gets a little something when we eat. We like to think it’s his search for his Heavenly Father! We eat breakfast every morning at the counter in the kitchen where he now hops up to pray and our dining room table is very high but he has no problem praying there either. He’s just a really religious boy. 😉

Our biggest challenge with him right now is to find an instrument of some kind to lock a hotel room door from the outside. Since his last stay at a hotel when he taught us how easy it was for him to open the door and run the hallways, we can’t stay at just any hotel. It has to have doorknobs instead of levers and we’re pretty sure he can open a doorknob too if he so chooses. We’re open to any suggestions. Otherwise, we’ll have to eat all our meals in the room as we travel with him. Once we get to Florida though, you can eat with your dog at a large number of restaurants. So, he’ll be a fine dining boy when we’re down South.

He has had one ailment where he had a sinus infection, but with a few meds it cleared up within a week and we don’t have snots the size of a salad plate anymore on the cabinets or our clothes. I can’t say enough about him and you have my word that we will keep you guys in our prayers that you can continue to do your good works.