Quinn Link OH

Quinn was surrendered to SOAR at the age of 10 years old. She was blind in one eye and in need of some good, nutritious food and love. Thank you Elaine Martin for getting Quinn safely into rescue. Big thanks to Sandi Sprankle for fostering Quinn, doing the home visit for the Links, and for making sure Quinn found the home of her dreams.

The Tail of Two Airedales

By the humans they have trained

We have rescued/adopted Airedales for several years. Our last Airedale, Biscuit, was given to us by Nancy at Easdale Kennels. She wanted to make sure that Biscuit would have a good home and be treated like a queen. She was a happy dog with many things for her to learn but she was lonely. Our last rescue (known as Scuba Sam aka Fluffy 3), went to Airedale heaven a few months after Biscuit came to live with us , so she was alone. A half year later we saw Quinn’s picture, and we knew she was the one for our family. She needed a home, and a family to love her. She had been blinded in one eye (from her previous owner), and her skin was a mess, but she had a gentle soul. Everyone who met her loved her.

Sandi Sprankle brought the girls together to test the waters and they immediately became friends. Quinn came to live with us a week later. Quinn is a sweet girl, who may be 10, but you would never know it. She is happy, and healthy, and tries to be the first to the door. She is a small and mighty package. We come home and never know what to expect. The couch has been moved, as we have since found it is a scratching post for her back. The garbage can knocked over, opened and unpacked, with her choices taken to her bed. The snacks that used to be on my husband’s night stand were quick to be Quinn’s afternoon snacks. You would also think, that a little Airedale, only 45 pounds, could not counter surf, but we learned otherwise. She is a bouncy and determined food hunter. If she can smell it, she will get it.

The girls are happy, and get along like two peas in a pod. They walk together, and have to smell the same blades of grass, or whatever spot is all so important. Biscuit, really did not know how to play, but is learning since Quinn came into her life. Quinn is just happy to be a princess as she should be. As I said, we the humans have been trained. We have been trained to put the garbage can on the counter, close the bedroom door, and give them good chewy toys before we leave them for the day. Many thanks to SOAR for bringing a bundle of joy into our lives.