Maggie Mae Doudt

It is with a heavy heart I want to tell everyone that my Baby Girl has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. She was my companion and strength throughout life’s struggles. She was always there for Deb, Marilyn and me, never complaining, just there with those huge brown eyes wanting to help soothe the pain. While in Dallas, I would whisper in her ear, late at night, telling her there will be many forks in the road. I promised her that with some forks we may be apart, but I promised that I would never leave her. Deb came into our lives and picked up on that promise. Deb was always there for Maggie…feeding…vet…walks (rain, snow, heat). Deb, I want to thank you for everything you did for Maggie. Both Deb and Maggie are the strength that I live on today.

Maggie passed away early this evening, she just laid down, no struggle. Deb was beside her when she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.


Maggie curious at what she is looking at