Mac McGuinness

I wanted to do something in Mac’s memory. He was such a good boy.

He was a rescue at 18 months and an ex show dog who, for some reason, had become aggressive in the ring.

He was given to me as a gift from the breeder as I’d just lost my 9 year old in a tragic accident with a hide bone.

It took a while for him to like and trust me, but when he did, it was wonderful and we shared some very happy times.

Unfortunately, because of my advancing hears, Mac was my last Airedale boy. I have Mahri, but she will never be mine, as she is a man’s dog and has adopted my fiancé as her special man, which I think is a good thing. It means I’m marrying the right man.

I’ve attached a picture of him the day I brought him home on 19 December 2005, This is how I will always remember him with that shy enigmatic smile. The other picture was taken on year before he got thyroid cancer.

Jacki McGuinness