Kaeleigh King IL

A quick update:

1) We have officially named her Kaeleigh (sounds like Kaylee), and she seems to be OK with it.

2) She is much more puppy-like than I’d anticipated — lots of chewing, from the boys’ toys to my desk chair to our shoes, but if we work hard at redirecting her or take her outside, that seems to suffice. Chris and George, you were right about gloves — she was enjoying runnng through the yard with my son’s baseball glove — and we’ve since tried to hide all the others.

3) She is a great sleeper in the crate or on her bed, which my husband and I have in our room. And no accidents in the house, which is fabulous.

4) Kaeleigh gets a few walks a day and romps in the yard (see pic), and LOVES to chase squirrels and rabbits, and sometimes even leaves. She jumped in the boys’ sandbox the other day — had no sand in it, just full of water — and just laid there to cool off in the 95-degree heat. She enjoys drinking from the hose as well when I’m out watering the flowers.

5) She is not much of a barker (other than the ice cream man and the garbage truck), which we LOVE, and is very friendly when meeting other dogs.

6) She was quite scared of the fireworks she heard in our neighborhood on July 4th, and hasn’t liked thunderstorms either, but we’ll work on this.

7) She is pretty good at “Sit,” and we are working on “Down.” She knows “Come.”  Next week, I start obedience classes with her. Our last Airedale fetched the newspaper everyday from our driveway and brought it to us, and we have high hopes for Kaeleigh, despite a slow start on this task. She’s more interested in eating the entire paper.

In a nutshell, Kaeleigh has a delightful temperament and is affectionate and fun. And so darn adorable! The boys race to feed her and play with her each day. Sometimes Kaeleigh tires out before them and hides in her crate!

She has filled a hole in our hearts, and I think she’s enjoying life here (despite the absence of chickens!). We are grateful to you for introducing us.

Thanks for all the work you do.

Julie King