Jake Szyjka NY

Hi Lynn,

I know its been a really long time but I am the worst person when it comes to calling or writing people. I have been meaning to send an update on Jake for a while. You know what they say about the road to hell!

Anyway, we changed Zeus to Jake and he adapted very well to the name change as that’s all we called him as soon as we got him home.

He is a wonderful pet!! He is VERY loving and rubs his face up against you like a cat. We took him for some more training and he did very well and walks much better on a leash now. He is very patient and wonderful with house guests. He lets them pet him and doesn’t get jumpy or excited which is a big change from our last dog. He wants to be around people all the time, either inside or out.

He has gained a little weight so he filled out a bit. He has been very well behaved when being groomed. Our groomer said he was even better than her own dogs! Haha.

It took him a few months to become a “guard dog,” so to speak. He would never bark at the doorbell or a knock on the door. But now he does and is more protective of the home. He is not mean in any way, he just lets you know someone’s coming.

Well, I just wanted to thank you for taking a chance on us and allowing us to give Jake a forever home. He is truly a member of our family and loved by everyone who meets him and we are so glad we brought him into our lives. It’s so nice coming home and having that cute face greeting you with a smile and yes, he does smile! Our home is now complete!

Thanks again to you and SOAR for bringing us Jake!


David, Julie, Rebecca, Jessica and Zachary Szyjka