Jan Ensign

Hello, my name is Jan Ensign and I am a certified master trainer. What does that mean? It means I have attended a state recognized school for dog training. I attended a world renowned school sharing the class room with people from all over the world. I qualified to take an extensive master course and thus am certified in Behavior Modification, Basic Obedience, Advanced off leash Obedience, Breed Identification including temperament testing, Tracking, Personal Protection, Police K-9, Scent Detection, Utility, Puppy Development, and Retrieval. I am also proud that one of my Airedales received his Canine Good Citizen Certificate at the ripe old age of seven months old…he passed his test on his first try!


I now live with two Airedales…Schultzy and Isabella. In addition, I usually have a rescue staying with me who needs a little help before going to find his new home. It is a joy to watch the beauty of each individual blossom as they learn how to live successfully. Some are here only briefly while others may take months.

I have been lending a hand here at Starting Over Airedale Rescue for several years now. It is such a pleasure to be part of a team of hard working people who give their love, patience, and care to this beautiful breed. Like pieces in a puzzle, we all contribute that which we have to give for the betterment of these beautiful Airedales.