Heather Estlow

Hi. My name is Heather Estlow, and I live in Altoona, Pennsylvania with my husband Dan, seven (yes, seven) children and seven dogs. Three Airedales; Daphne, Sam, and Fletcher, a Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix named Mia, a Lab/Beagle mix named Bailey, a black Labradoodle named Gracie, and a Bluetick Coonhound named Elvis. Gracie and Elvis are our youngsters. The other five dogs are age 12 or older. We love senior dogs, and I can’t say enough about them!

I have been involved in Airedale rescue for about 15 years. I became active after an Airedale I loved to the moon and back passed away. She was, hands down, the most challenging dog I’ve ever lived with. She pushed every boundary possible. Other than me, she didn’t have many admirers, but I loved her, and we were best friends. I know that many people would have given up on her, but I refused, and she grew into a wonderful dog. I realized that there were others just like her that people were giving up on, and I decided that I wanted to help them and be sure that other Airedales weren’t ending up in shelters, or being put down just because they were Airedales and people didn’t understand them, so this is what brought me to help my beloved breed.

Heather being hugged by a woman

I am blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband and great, dog savvy, animal loving children who always lend a hand to help out with not just our own dogs, but the many Airedales that have passed through our home over the years.

I’m very grateful and excited to begin working with SOAR and continuing to help even more Airedales find loving forever homes.