Layla’s Fund

Can we name a fund for me, Mom? Pleeaase? I know if people heard about my story they would not only want to donate to my fund, but they would truly understand the love I have to help other dogs who have not been as blessed as me. Pleeaase?

Layla is a two-time cancer survivor who would not be alive today had it not been for SOAR and for her mom, Susan Fox. Fortunately for Layla, Susan was able to afford the vet care Layla needed to see her through her illnesses. Not all Airedales have adoptive families who are as fortunate. Layla wants to change that. We could not say no to Layla’s request, so Layla’s Fund it is!

The Cindi Mysyk Fund already helps with vet bills and ongoing expenses after the adoption for senior Airedales ages eight and older, but what about the younger Airedales? Their adoptive families might need some help also! I want my fund to help Airedales after the adoption who are under the age of eight.

Perfect! We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Layla!

If you would like to donate to Layla’s Fund, either click on the Donate button below or send your check to the address below. Make sure you indicate on your check your donation is for Layla’s Fund.

Thank you, and tail wags for your generosity!

P.S. My mom’s a great photographer and sure knows how to make a gal look good!

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Fund Balance: $7,523.32
31 December 2018

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Layla's Fund Honor Roll

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  • Mary O'Connell
  • Susan Fox
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy
  • Amy Rogish
  • Roger & Carol Vanderlaan
  • Jim & Ramona Grills
  • Robert Silverberg
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  • Larry & Sharon Platz
  • Stephen & Shari Sammetinger
  • Jackie Mcguiness
  • Elizabeth Waters
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  • Holly Snavely
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Airedales Helped by Layla's Fund

SOAR has made donations to help the families of these rescue Airedales after the adoption with unexpected expenses.

Annie – ATRA Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption

SOAR Airedale Assisted:Rescue Group:Amount:AnnieAiredale Terrier Rescue & Adoption$250 Annie, the Airedale, had to undergo emergency surgery on her back to address a ruptured disc that left her paralyzed in her back legs. Leading up to this point in her short 6 years of life, Annie, the Airedale, was placed into the hands of Airedale Terrier…
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Matti – NCAR North Carolina Airedale Rescue

SOAR Airedale Assisted:Rescue Group:Amount: MattiNorth Carolina Airedale Rescue$500.00 Matti’s story is below in Pat’s own words: “Matthias, affectionately known as Matti or Matti Chet, came to us in March of 2013. He had been dumped in a horse pasture in Loris, SC and tagged by NC Airedale Rescue. Rick and I tagged him to test…
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2015 Chewy – SOAR Starting Over Airedale Rescue

SOAR Airedale Assisted: Chewy Rescue Group: Starting Over Airedale Rescue Amount: $550 SOAR got this e-mail from one of our volunteers. “Wanted you to know that one of our own SOAR dogs – Chewy and his mom were attacked by 2 pit bulls while walking in their neighborhood on Sunday late afternoon.The pits were behind…
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Layla's Fund Policy Page

1. Layla’s Fund was established by SOAR to assist with rescue Airedales, and their expenses, using the following criteria:

- The Airedale must be a rescue Airedale, and must be under 8 years old at the time services were provided and a grant was applied for by a new family.

- Grants are available for rescue Airedales under age 8 and only after the adoption.

- Ongoing expenses such as, but not limited to, medications, check ups or special food may be reimbursed up to the amount of $50 per month.

- Special treatments and surgeries may be reimbursed up to the amount of $500 per treatment/surgery.

2. External grants: Legitimate adoptive families of rescue Airedales other than SOAR may apply for grants from Layla’s Fund by submitting the information, outlined below, to the SOAR President at This information should include the name and contact information of the adoptive family, information on where the Airedale was rescued from (name of group or shelter); the Airedale’s name, proof of age, and sex; a brief description of the medical problem or issue that funds are being requested for; the name and contact information of the veterinarian who has diagnosed the medical problem or issue; an estimate of the total cost of treatment; and the prognosis for the dog’s recovery after treatment.


3. SOAR dogs will have priority use of Layla’s Fund. In order to maintain an adequate balance to cover needs of SOAR dogs, no external grants will be made that will drop the balance in Layla’s Fund below $1,500.

4. All grant requests for money from Layla’s Fund must be submitted to the SOAR Board by the President for Board approval. Board approval may be sought by email and/or telephone between quarterly Board meetings, but must be recorded in the Board minutes of the next meeting. Requests may be fully or partially funded or may be rejected without specifying the reason for rejection.

5. The President is authorized to approve spending from Layla’s Fund for a SOAR dog up to a maximum of $500 without Board approval, but this expenditure must be immediately reported to the Board by email or telephone and must be recorded in the Board minutes of the next quarterly meeting.