Tyson McMillan – Ontario – Part 4

Well Gang, couldn’t let my first Christmas Season in Canada go by without wishing all my friends at SOAR and AireCanada a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

Can’t believe it’s now been 6 1/2 months since my arrival here. What a life! Luvin’ every minute of it & now that I really really know this is home forever, I have stopped trying to find a way out to explore the immediate county and have just settled in to enjoy our daily walks and chasing my sister Kali through our back yard and now, as of this week’s major snow storm, running through piles and piles of snow! What a blast! I love to stick my nose in that cold white stuff and tear around ploughing a furrow in the snow.

Still enjoy chasing all those squirrels off the front deck although Mom says it’s a bit cold to keep opening the front doors to “let me at ’em.”

Only one slight hiccup in the last few months!! I learned a few new words from Dad that I don’t think I was supposed to learn. Seems one night in November, Kali wanted out at 4:30 AM. Dad got up, grumbling something about darn nocturnal dogs and opened the back patio door. Kali went first and she was the first one to discover that black kitty with the white stripe on its back that somehow found its way into our fenced yard. I couldn’t quite understand why Kali then kept shaking her head so I decided this cat just had to go. So I grabbed it and two shakes later I was able to run around the back yard showing off the prize by carrying it around in my mouth. For some reason, neither Dad nor Mom were too impressed with my prowess. Nor could I figure out all those confusing words and screams at such an early hour.

Dad came out in his gown with a glove and a garbage bag and proceeded to take my prize and toss it over the fence. Boy! Did he ever have a screwed up expression on his face

Then he proceeded, for the next three hours to give Kali and me baths in all kinds of stuff. One smelled like pasta sauce, the other like shampoo, another like baking soda, and so on and so on. I thought it was really mean of him to banish Kali and me to our beds in the laundry room for the rest of the night.

When he called the vet the next day for some stuff called “skunk-off” they insisted he calls the Department of Health. Three hours later this nice senior government vet arrived to check over our vaccination papers and then proceeded to send the kitty away for something called “tests.” She was very pleased to see Kali and me were all up to date with our vaccinations. Mom and Dad were happy that the tests came back “negative” for bad stuff and “positive” for severe odour.

Even this morning Dad says when I get wet, I still have this “special aura” about me! But Mom and Dad still love Kali and me!! In fact, I just can’t get enough of those ear skritches and chest scrunches. We have lots of laughs and Mom enjoys her “shadow” and “her juvenile delinquent” all day long. When Mom and I lay down on the living room floor and stretch out – we’re the same size!!

Anyway, take care everyone. Enjoy the winter. It was a bit of a surprise a couple of weeks back when I went to take a drink down at the lake and it was hard and slippery!

A couple of pics of Kali and me and Mom (Brenda) just to show everyone that things are just fantastic.

Tyson McMillan

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