Trixie McKenna IN

Trixie or “Miss Trixie” as we call her has settled in quite nicely into the McKenna household. She loves being around people and one of her favorite things to do is to hang over your lap while you are trying to work on the computer, which is what she is doing right now. That is normally followed with a lot of kisses and licks on the face which makes it almost impossible to continue. Finally though, she will settle down and play with her toys on the floor next to you while you work.

We have come to find out that Miss Trixie is not an early riser. When I get up at 5:30 in the morning to go to work, she just lifts her head and looks at me like I am crazy and goes back to sleep. Many days she doesn’t eat much at breakfast. Our lady of leisure likes to have brunch at about 10. She also has decided that wet grass is not for her. She will stay on the rock path or won’t go out if the weather is bad.

During the winter months she loved to play in the snow and chew on the ice like a bone or just eat mouthfuls’ of snow. Now that the weather is hot, she likes to chill out of the couch in the basement and take an afternoon snooze. She waits impatiently for the weekends, because she loves to ride in the car, especially when she knows that we are going to the lake.

We are trying to teach her to walk on a leash. However she just gets so excited and wants to go investigate everything and would end up pulling us down the street, if we are not careful. She is getting better slowly, but she is easily distracted.

We discovered quickly that Trixie was afraid of belts and newspapers. She would cower or run away all the time. So we worked with her and showed her that she didn’t need to be afraid of Mr. Belt and Mr. Newspaper and now everything is fine. However, she still has a problem with people touching her tail or grooming her legs. We are working on it, though.

Overall she is progressing well and she has truly accepted this as her forever home. We love her dearly. She has added so much fun to our lives. Thank you again for letting us bring her into our lives.