Sara Trippe

My name is Sara Trippe and I live in the north metro area of Minnesota. I am married to Pete and have three daughters named MacKenzie, Ella and Madelyn. You may remember MacKenzie from her Firstgiving Page. I am also owned by one female rescue Airedale named Rorie Bell and two male Wire Fox Terriers named Asta and Hoosier. I am a stay at home mom to the entire crew and life is never dull in our household.

I grew up with my dad being a K-9 officer, so my earliest memories are of me and his huge K-9 German Shepherd Dog named Apache. They have pictures of me when I was first learning to walk going out to visit him in his dog house. We just always had dogs and it was usually two or three. It was a great way to grow up. As a kid though I always knew what kind of dog I would have. I fell completely in love with Wire Fox Terriers from watching the old Thin Man movies when I was probably about 4 years old. I always knew that I would have at least one, so the first dog that I acquired on my own as an adult was an eight week old female Wire Fox Terrier puppy named Sadie Mae. She was perfect. I couldn’t have gotten luckier with my first dog. She taught me about love and commitment. We’ve had numerous Wires and always enjoyed them. I was also intrigued by Airedales. They are not that common in this area, so what I knew of them was from watching and going to dog shows and reading books. Our first Airedale was a rescue male named Foster. We renamed him Baby Bear. He loved our kids and was ever so loving and patient when they were learning to crawl, walk and climb. After losing Baby Bear at the early age of seven and a half, we just knew we had to have another Airedale in the house. There is just something about their curls, big black nose and big eyes that see deep into your soul. Rorie Bell then entered our lives. She takes care of everyone in the house and is in charge of the kids and boys.

In my free time, I love sports. I love college basketball and football – especially the Indiana Hoosiers, the Steelers, and Colts, and I love the Minnesota Twins. If my TV doesn’t have Scooby-Doo or Garfield on, it’s ESPN for me. I always joke with people that if news happens and it isn’t announced on ESPN, then I will never hear about it. I also love listening to the Beatles, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash.

My goal and desire is to help Airedales in need in any way that can help SOAR. I am grateful and excited to be part of this wonderful group.

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