Roxy Agriesti OH

Roxy came into rescue because her caretaker was too ill to care for her any longer. 

Many thanks to Lynn O’Shaughnessy for picking her up and to Tom and Theresa Pinta for fostering her. Her new family, the Agriesti’s, drove up to Michigan to meet the Pinta’s and take home their wonderful, new, little girl.

A note from the Argriesti family:

Roxy is doing GREAT.

She feels like one of the family already, and Jake, the cat, gets along well with her. She loves the couch. She has met four of the neighborhood dogs, and played with them all. Two Boxers, one Jack Russell Terrier, and one Lab-Collie mix.

We are so happy to have her, and have already fallen in love with her 🙂

Thank You Much.

Tullio and Missty