Moose Huth MI

Moose is doing wonderful! He is so good with the boys. He must have been a lady’s dog because ever since we brought him home he is very partial to me, even though he was suppose to be my husband’s dog. He follows me around the house from room to room when I put the boys to bed and he will usually lie in the hallway between the boys’ rooms.  He loves to play ball with my husband, but will not go to bed unless I’m going.

We recently had our fourth boy, who is now four months old. Moose even checks on him and licks his head when I’m rocking him to sleep or when I get him up in the morning and always does rounds on the kids before bed. He is very protective. I think he enjoys the fast pace of the kids, who are now six, four, two, and four months.

I am sorry I haven’t sent pictures I meant to so many times. So here are a few. We tried to give him a traditional Airedale haircut, but with the snow balls that accumulate around his paws in the winter, the burrs hes runs through in the summer, and two feet dirt holes he digs for his balls, we chose a different clip. To keep my sanity and house somewhat clean we keep his hair somewhat short. Even the beard that I’d love him to have gets so slobbery and muddy when he plays outdoors with the boys we have clipped. He’s either in the kiddy pool, getting sprayed with the hose, or digging in the dirt which makes a big muddy mess. In the end everybody washes and everybody sleeps well at night and has had a great time during the day.

Thank you so much for Moose. He’s just what our family needed.

The Huth family