Magnus Walters

Sandaire’s Magnus CKC 2000-2012

He came to us at just 10 weeks old, and was named by the family “Magnus” because he was such a great dog.

Everyone remarked what a happy dog he was, and his perked, ears, smiling face, bright eyes and delighted welcome to all, showed his happy nature to the world. He was glad for anything – a walk, a trip in the car, a visit from friends, a cookie, playing catch with his favorite squeekie toy, and in younger years, de-stuffing many critters. For many years we attended the Toronto AireFests where we had a chance to meet and greet many of the people involved in Airedale rescue, and did attend our first Soar event in Toledo this year.

He was a handsome boy, and whenever out, someone always remarked said, “what a beautiful dog!” Or seated in the car, “he looks like a big stuffed animal!” But the most dear and wonderful thing about Magnus was his loving spirit, his loyalty, his delight in life, and the joy he brought us every day.

On Feb. 18th he was diagnosed with an hemangio sarcoma, on the spleen. He was bleeding internally and was not thought to last the night. We brought him home, to sit, talk, and comfort him on his way. The next afternoon, he got off the couch and ran to the window to bark at the cat walking by. Remarkably, he lived his normal life until the morning of June 3 rd, when he passed suddenly and peacefully, resting on the living room carpet. We treasure those extra weeks with him. Magnus – we miss you, love you, and will “see you in the morning.”

Elizabeth and Stan Walters, and his “bros” Andrew and Kenneth

Magnus panting with his tongue out
Magnus with an old man