MacKenzie Trippe

My name is MacKenzie Trippe and I am a proud volunteer for SOAR. I am nine years old and live with my mom, dad, and my two sisters named Ella and Madelyn. We also have two Wire Fox Terriers named Asta and Hoosier, and one rescue Airedale named Rorie Bell. Rorie is my best friend. My mom had Terriers before she had kids, so I have never known life without a Wire and an Airedale

I love to read. I also like dolls, music, and playing on my laptop computer. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and going over to their houses. I love to stay with my grandpa and grandma. They have three dogs and one cat. I am surrounded by dogs at their house too! Rorie and I love playing in the little kiddy pools and with the sprinkler in the summer.

SOAR is great! They are letting me help and volunteer – even at my age. I can’t wait to help Airedales like my Rorie Bell!

MacKenzie thought fundraising would be a great place to start helping SOAR! So with a little help from her mom, MacKenzie started a Firstgiving page to raise money for the Diana Muldaur Fund and the Aire Affaire.

CLICK HERE to see MacKenzie’s Firstgiving page and read her story. Let’s help her reach her goal! Our young people are our future for rescue and MacKenzie’s enthusiasm is awesome!