Macie Hurst MI

UPDATE – November 12, 2013

Hi Lynn!

Macie is doing very well! She is getting big! Nearing 60+pounds and still filling out. I think she’s reached her full height through. She had a great summer! She did LOTS of swimming and chasing LOTS of frisbees in our backyard with Brodie and her neighbor dog friend, Holly (a black lab/golden retriever mix). She also goes to doggie daycare with Brodie every other week… She loves it there! It gives them a day to play with friends while we are at work. She spent one day (or more) every week at the barn with me this spring, summer, and fall. She is a barn dog! She absolutely loves it there. She just lays in the barn watching me groom my horse and she would wander to the fence line of our outdoor arena and watch me ride. She also plays with Brodie, my aunt’s husky Teko, and miniature dachshund Rascal, when she is at the barn. She went to my cousin’s baseball games and spent lots of time at the beach with our family too! We sure keep her and Brodie very busy!! 


I attached pictures from the spring and summer! You can sure see how fast she grew! With all the snow we got today, it reminded me of housebreaking Macie in the dead of winter last year! So glad we’re out of that stage! Brrrr!

Carolyn (& Josh, Macie & Brodie!)  [Carolyn & Josh are human and Brodie is the Welsh Terrier . )


UPDATE – March 7, 2013

Macie has been doing very well!  We haven’t been doing much out of the ordinary. Just playing with neighbor dogs and sniffing around the yard.

Hope all is well! Give Charlotte a pat for us!


They were digging in the flower beds,  then they got baths…
Macy sleeping like her mommy.
Macy loving one of the toys you sent with her.
 visit to my parents’ house. Macy loves the dog toy basket. She decided she’d pull it out and get in it.

UPDATE – Macy and Brodie go on vacation

The first four photos are from our trip last weekend to The Hurst Family Cottage in Baldwin, MI. Macy did excellent in the car. She didn’t need to stop to go potty and slept quietly the whole way. Brodie kept checking on her. We were visiting the cottage with family to find out whether Josh’s sister Bethany, and her husband Brandon, will be expecting a baby boy or girl!! We found out Bethany and Brandon will be having a BOY in June!! We’re so excited. Brandon’s parents and siblings were staying at the cottage for the big reveal too.
Macy spent her whole weekend with Nolan, Brandon’s brother, who is 12 and spent the entire weekend trying to figure out how he could take Macy home with him and not have his dad find out. They were a great pair. He has been praying for a puppy every night since!
Baldwin had lots of snow and the dogs LOVED playing in it. Macy, Brodie, and Piper (Josh’s parent’s Hangin’ Tree Dog – it’s an actual breed!) were playing hide and seek by the dock that is piled up in pieces on the beach. 
Macy was small enough to crawl inside the pile – the big dogs couldn’t figure out how she could do that! They had fun trying to get to her. Macy would pop out, they would chase each other around the pile and Macy would go back in the pile and the big dogs were confused again!
The last picture is bath time! Brodie and Macy had baths this morning and neither of them are big fans but they tolerate it! However, Brodie loves her swimming pool in the summer – spends her whole day in and out of the pool. I’m curious to see if Macy will be the same.

I saw the update about Charlotte! Those pictures of her sleeping positions had me cracking up!!!! Macy sleeps just like that. Sometimes I can’t figure out which end is which because she’s sleeping in such a weird way! I’ll have to capture some of her seeping positions and you can match them up with Charlotte’s that would be a cute update 🙂

UPDATE – February 2013

This little girl wasn’t answering to Elle, but she seemed to really like the name Macy, so MACY it is!

Check out Macy entertaining herself, and everyone else:

Josh and Carolyn write:

Here are a couple pictures of Elle and her first two days with us. She is fitting in well 🙂

Thanks again for everything, we really love her!

I noticed her tail “hooks” like you mentioned when she eats in the blog about the puppies! SO CUTE!
Elle takes a flying leap through the snow.  What wonderful fun this white stuff is!

Elle with Brodie,her partner in snow beards.
Lynn writes:  I had forgotten to take Elle’s pink bowl when I took her to her new home on Friday, so I took it over yesterday.  The front yard was littered with a few tennis balls and paw prints all over the snow.  Brodie and Elle were obviously enjoying themselves.
Elle must have graduated with an A+ from a course called “Creative Sleeping.”  Brodie kept checking on her all day when she was taking her naps. It’s so cute!
I am so happy you found this home for me.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

Read the beginning of Elle and her sister and her mother’s rescue story here.