Lynn O’Shaughnessy

lynn-alice 11-09

I officially started working with Airedale rescue in 1995. I have done everything from transporting (many transports using my airplane), home visits, fostering (failing at fostering and keeping my foster), newsletter editor, fundraising, serving on a Board (including as president for 5 years) and everything in between. I thoroughly enjoy Airedale rescue and am happy to serve as SOAR’s first president as we “take off” and find our wings to rescue Airedales who need us in the future.

I have had terriers all of my life. My family had two Scotties when I was a toddler (although I don’t remember much about them.) Then at age 12, my grandmother bought us a Wire Fox Terrier for Christmas. I called 4 additional Wires my “furry friends” for several years after that…including two Wires when I was first married. Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted an Airedale in my life, so my first Airedale, Skipper, joined my pack of two Wires.

After a divorce in 1985 and losing all of my dogs to my ex-husband, I did my first rescue on my own when I found an Airedale wandering on the side of a busy highway. She came right up to me when I stopped the car and jumped in like she belonged! No one claimed her so she stayed, and became my Honey.

My second rescue came the next summer when I helped someone place an Airedale that wandered into their gas station. After these two experiences, it was natural for me to become involved with Airedale rescue when the opportunity came up several years later.

Dusty was my heart dog and she was the last of the Airedales I purchased from a breeder. She was always so wonderful with the many fosters I brought into my home. I have also been called “mom” by rescues Katy, Alice and Sweet Pea.


I am a flight instructor and ran my own flight school and maintenance shop at the local airport. I did airman checkrides on behalf of the FAA for small single-engine airplanes for 20 years. I also have a greenhouse where I enjoy taking care of around 3,000 orchids. I am an orchid judge and travel around the country speaking about my specialty field of pleurothallids. I also hybridize orchids and have named many for rescue friends.

My husband, Bob, and I share our home with two rescue Airedales, Alice and Sweet Pea, and our German Shepherd, Kasey.

I look forward to working with all of the SOAR volunteers and supporters.