Elaine Martin

My name is Elaine Martin and I have been actively involved with Airedale Rescue for 5 years. I currently work fulltime for Fairview Hospital in their Admitting Dept, of which I have been a part of for 20 years.

My husband Paul and I have had an Airedale since we purchased our home in 1977.. We started with our first who was named Patty, then we got Sandy, Ginger and now we have Maggie. Each and everyone of them have left paw prints in our hearts.

I will be retiring in a little over a year and a half and plan to foster at that time.


An Angel Walks Among Us…
I met Elaine Martin a few years ago at an Airedale event. For those of you who haven’t had the distinct honor of knowing a lady like Elaine, you have something to look forward to. Elaine is one of the few people I know that seems to be surrounded by an aura of pure love and a smile that comes directly from her heart. She is a kind, hardworking person who has done so much for our homeless Airedales. Recently my husband and I volunteered to go to a dog show that allowed SOAR to set up a rescue table. We went in hopes of helping her “man” the rescue table as it was a four day show. Elaine had done this show in the past, as well as a lot of other events, to help raise awareness and funds for SOAR.We wanted to help. It was a great experience to attend the show and see all the beautiful Airedales compete. What really made it special was being a part of the event with someone like Elaine who tirelessly works for our homeless Airedales. She not only set up the entire opportunity for SOAR to be represented at the show, she had handmade Christmas stockings to sell for fundraising. One look and you could see the love and hard work that went into the making of the stockings. They were fantastic and I couldn’t wait to buy one for my friend who, by the way, loved it! Elaine does many things for our group and works diligently to make SOAR a success for the homeless dogs that look to us for a second chance. We are honored and humbled to have such an Aire-Angel among us.

Susan Fox

Susan, you did a great job describing one of our most dedicated volunteers. I agree Elaine is an angel among us. She is so fun to be around and you are right she has tireless energy. I too want to thank her for all she does for us and our dogs! Woof on Elaine!
Mary Wright