Chris Bettis

Hi- Chris Bettis from mid central Arkansas. I work as a project manager for a financial software development company and in my free time enjoy sharing time with our family, dogs, and SOAR rescue activities.

I have always been a big dog lover which started early in my childhood, from stories told to me by my Dad, about his service German Shepherd in WWII. From that time forward, I chose big dogs to love starting with our family German Shepherd, and rounding out with our first Airedale, Alex. We brought him home at eight weeks and our bond grew deeper and stronger as I learned the requirements of “tough love!” He was a beautiful, spirited, loving, and a very smart Airedale who could roar like a lion if he thought his family needed to be warned of intruders and yet was gentle enough to be nose to nose with a six month old baby girl or laying down to meet/greet a small puppy. OMG, I loved my boy- he was my soul mate in fur! He is the reason I took up running! My favorite saying about Airedales is…a tired dog is a good dog. LOL

My love of Alex extended to rescue when in 1996-1997, the first call came in to help a needy Airedale. Alex and I were the only ones I know of, at that time, helping needy Airedales in the state of Arkansas. Alex went on home visits, went to pick-up needy Airedales, and traveled hundreds of miles on transports taking foster Airedales to their new homes. He was a super foster sibling who spoke to the fears and worries of dogs coming into our care, showing them the ropes, and telling them that it was looking good for them to have their own forever home- just not his. This held true until the second Airedale joined our family, Lady Bird, at seven years old, a foster/rescue. They worked out their issues in the first couple months and from then on, they were bonded tight. It was a beautiful thing to see the two of them walk side by side down the running trails. I could write a book on the funny things that these two concocted together.

Now I am honored to join SOAR as an Arkansas Associate. Lynn O. and I go back many years helping needy Airedales so this was like coming home (to rescue) again. I will continue to help needy Airedales but will also give time to the SOAR Fundraising and Acquisition Committee for the 2013 SOAR Aire Affair. I look forward to meeting everyone and working with the SOAR team. I hope you will consider the giving of your talents, too.