Chloe Volk MI

Hey all!

Chloe is doing great and our whole family is loving her to no end. She loves going on walks and exploring all the exciting new smells and sounds. She’s eating well and we’ve been working hard to not let her have any “accidents” in the house the past few days. She loves her comfy dog bed and sleeps comfortably in her crate every night. And as Ed warned, she loves to sit by your side or follow you around just to hang out and get even more attention.

She has been doing great with strangers and calmly welcomes any visitor into our home. She even made friends with our neighbor’s dog, Lady and they run around our backyard together almost every day. She is still a little skittish when she hears new sudden noises (like a garbage can falling over, or a door slamming upstairs), but we expect her to get used to life in our home eventually.

Here are some pictures we took on the day we got her: The girl is my daughter, Kristyn, who got close with her right away.