Buffy Myrick TX

Love is a Two-Way Street

I met the love of my life on December 10th of 2014.I did not go with that in mind, I was just going to get a dog after all. When David brought her out to meet me, I forgot all the thoughts that I had before then. She was a lovely eight year old Airedale female who grabbed my heart without even trying. Her name was Buffy and if there was ever a name that fit, that was her. All that I could think of was, would she like me – would she want to live with me? Buffy was an angel sent just for me. While Chris, David, his wife Marlene and I got the paperwork done and all the information that a foster parent tells you – Buffy just patiently waited. Chris, David, and I took Buffy for a short walk and she was perfect. I told Chris, Marlene, and David goodbye and they helped me get her in my car. Buffy and I went straight to the motel that Chris had suggested we use to spend the night and to get to know each other. Talk about a waste of time – we walked from then on down the same street together. I searched for Buffy because I had told a young woman that I would get another Airedale. That young woman was taken from me with ovarian cancer just a month before I found Buffy. I call Buffy Pestapottamus (a long story) often and then in honor of this young woman who adopted me as her Daddy. I see her every time I look at Buffy.

When Buffy came to Texas with me, I will have to admit that life was drastically different for both of us. She had her winter coat and with all the ice and rain I was glad. We walk together at least twice a day and as cold as it was then, she needed the protection. She did not like the ice boots though so we were just careful where we walked. I needed to walk for exercise and she gave it to me. If I did not want to go out, Buffy would gently nuzzle me incessantly until I gave in and went out with her. I didn’t like it, but I thanked her anyway. The weather is better now, but we still walk together several times a day. As pretty as I thought that she was, I had her groomed when the weather warmed up. Buffy has saved my life I know, the love that I have for her cannot be described. I tell her several hundred times each day how much I love her and how pretty she is. I do not know how anyone can not care for and adopt a senior Airedale. Love is definitely a two-way street, Buffy and I walk it together every day.