Buck Kaiser MI

uck was 3-4 years old when he came into rescue. Buck’s owner got a truck driving job and could no longer keep Buck. The wife couldn’t handle him. He placed an ad in the local paper and that’s how the lady that surrendered him got him. Buck was full of himself and all Airedale.

Thanks to Susan Fox for getting Buck into rescue, for spending special time with him while he was boarded and for transporting him halfway to meet his new family. Thanks to Lynn O’Shaughnessy for doing the home visit and meeting with the Kaiser family to assist with introductions.


After losing our 13 year old Airedale Darby this year, there was a big void in our lives, bigger than we even imagined. Oh you try to prepare for the inevitable, even though his health was very good for his age and he never lost that playfulness. He slipped away in his sleep one night and we were all very sad, yet at the same time so very grateful that we had the opportunity to have such a great and loyal companion. Words can not begin to describe our loss. He will be sorely missed. Our friends all said Darby was special…that we would never have a dog like that again. Well maybe they were right or maybe they just don’t know how special Airedales can be!

So, sooner than I expected, I started checking the rescue organizations to see what might be out there. Lynn O’Shaughnessy of SOAR came and met with us at our home and we were approved. At the same time we were talking to Pat Chmelar of New Beginnings Airedale Rescue. Several weeks went by and after a few promising leads fell through we continued searching and decided to take a three and a half hour drive to the western side of the state to see a two and a half year old male named Andy that Pat had been fostering. The night before our trip the phone rang…it was Lynn O. SOAR had a dog! He was a three-to-four year old male named Buck in southern Ohio being fostered by Susan Fox. We talked to Susan on the phone. Now we really had some thinking to do! I did not sleep very much that night. The next day we met with Pat and Rudy Chmelar and were introduced to Andy. What a sweet and gentle dog who really did not like men but warmed up to me in the first few minutes. We had a nice visit and lunch with the Chmelars and decided to give Andy a try. On the way home I kept thinking about the other dog. The next day we e-mailed Lynn and Susan to set up a time to see Buck. The following day we were traveling three and a half hours south in Ohio to meet Susan who traveled some three hours north to introduce us to Buck, a beautiful, eager-to-please male. After meeting Buck, we new we wanted to take him home.

Lynn O. was so kind to offer to travel back up to our house and meet us upon our arrival home to acclimate the two dogs to make sure they got along. They did and I am happy to report they are doing well and are becoming best of friends. Both dogs need some fine tuning but with a little work and patience we are going to have two great Airedales.

On this journey my wife and I have met some wonderful and dedicated people who are so willing to give of their time in a just cause to rescue Airedales.

Special thanks to Pat and Rudy Chmelar, to Lynn O’ Shaughnessy, and to Susan Fox. May God bless you all and continue to bless you in your on-going endeavor.

Larry and Eurlyne Kaiser