Bridget (aka Bizzy) Hawkins MS

We met Tom and Theresa yesterday in Nashville to pick up Bridget. We had been going to stay in Nashville but we ended up meeting early enough in the afternoon that we decided to drive on down to Birmingham to Kent’s sister’s house. That would put us much closer to home today. Here she is on the drive.

hey have a sunroom that looks out over their backyard from what amounts to a second floor level. Bridget decided the soft cushioned wicker couch in front of all those windows was her spot! She did great with their young Cairn terrier. She also gobbled up her dinner that Tom had sent with her and had a wee bit of vanilla ice cream for dinner.

Here’s a couple of pics from this morning when she was letting me and Wheatie (the Cairn) share her couch.

Several times while we were visiting last night, she would leave her sunroom couch perch (I was sitting right by the doors open to the sunroom) and come to my chair for some petting and then lie down on the floor beside me. Of course, I loved getting special attention!

At bedtime, she hopped up in the middle of the bed thinking she was going to sleep up there I guess, but their guest bed isn’t big enough for all of us! She wasn’t very happy being told to get off the bed but she settled down and slept through the night–but for Wheatie (the Cairn) scratching to get in our room at 2:30!

Bridget did wake us up at 5:30 just because we heard her up and moving around and figured she needed to go out.

Okay, all done and ready to come back in to the air conditioning!

She ate her breakfast just fine. We got to hear her bark when she spotted a cat in the next door driveway (from her couch perch)! 🙂

On the drive home, she did a lot more sleeping than looking out the window as she had done the day before. We got her home and she got to explore the house and yard before Kent went to get Jeannie and Geoffrey. Here’s a pic of her inspecting her new domain.

I walked her around the corner to the subdivision pool area where we sat in the shade and waited on Kent and Geoffrey to arrive for introductions. (He’d taken Jeannie back already to settle her into her bed.) They did their sniffing and twirling around each other. He tried to stand up on her and she gave him a polite but firm canine “no.”

Since we’ve been back at the house, they had a few minutes a little while ago of doing some of the play bowing and circling each other. Geoffrey tried to get her to chase him but she wasn’t ready for that just yet. They’re both sacked out right now while we watch tv. Oh, and everyone got their supper without incident. We did manage to get a pic of them with me on the couch.

As indicated in the subject line, we’re keeping her “formal” name of Bridget, but we’ve nicknamed her Bizzy and are mostly using that. It was sort of the “baby talk” version of Bridget, and the first couple of times I said it, she perked her ears and turned her head around. She seems very used to it already.

She has a birthday tomorrow! I picked up some peanut butter doggie cupcakes today at the pet store and got her a boodah bone flyer toy in red, white, and blue. She and Jeannie have also now met. Jeannie followed her around the living room a bit. Was very cute.

Guys, she is just so precious and gentle. We saw a tiny hint of the playfulness today that Tom and Theresa had mentioned and can’t wait to see her get more so as she gets more comfortable. We just feel like there couldn’t have been a better match for us first time Airedale folks. Thanks so much to all of you for helping bring this girl into our lives! We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Kent and Becky

Just another quick follow-up. This afternoon, she got in play mode. Went and got her ball and played fetch etc. scampered around some with Geoffrey as well.