Bosco Thomas PA

It’s been a month since we added Cosmo (now know as Bosco) to our family and I thought you should have an update

First off we are enjoying him and he has finally settled into the house and our lifestyle. We had a few tough times figuring out how to navigate a house full of wooden floors but some strategically arranged carpets did the trick. He has been to the Vet who praised the care he had been given and his good health. New thyroid tests were done and a decrease in medication was made, that is being tolerated well – we even lost a few pounds and weigh in at 82 right now, though the vet says more needs to come off

His name change came about by accident, we had decided that change his name at this age wouldn’t be a good idea but it happened anyway. As he was introduced to family and friends, no one seemed able to say his name properly, with the most common variation being ‘Bosco’. He started responding to Bosco as well as Cosmo, so we caved to peer pressure and made the switch

I can’t thank you and SOAR enough for connecting me with this great animal. 

If there is ever a way to thank the special person who so lovingly raised him and allowed him to find a home with my family, please do tell them how much I appreciate there efforts and sacrifice, they have made a positive impact on my family

Cosmo sitting by the fireplace