Bingley Jung WV

As you can see from the video below, Bingley would like to have friends, but it seems so many other dogs are intimidated by her, which is such a shame, because she is clearly so much fun. Our kids all think she is just the best dog ever, and look forward to her morning nose nuzzle while they’re still in bed.

She and I are starting “rally” classes next week, and I’m really looking forward to a structured but fun class time with her. What did we do before she got here?

Bingley came to rescue a pair of empty-nesters in September.  They love that she looks like a teddy bear.

Bingley at the back seat looking at the paper bags
Bingley loves to leap into cars. Here she has leapt into the back seat to see if there are any treasures in the trunk.
Bingley sniffing the paper bags
Bonanza! Mom bought Milkbones!
Bingley sniffing the flowers
It’s hard to wait for Dad’s car to come back home.
Bingley looking at the popcorn machine
Bingley felt her role in handing out Halloween treats was indispensable. It was her job to pick up any stray popcorn.