Bella Row MI

Bella was one of seven pups that came from Oklahoma in the summer of 2010. Thanks to Mary Katherine Long, Jan Wiles, and Frances Martin, all of Oklahoma, for fostering these pups while they were in Oklahoma. SOAR really appreciates all the wonderful volunteers who donated their time to transport this precious cargo over three days up to Indiana and Michigan: Jan Wiles, Frances Martin, George and Betty Engle, Jim and Linda Roggeveen, Susan Bayles, Cindi Mysyk, Rick and Debbie Habig, Marcia and Rich Felton, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, and Nancy Gulik. You are the best!

Bella was the littlest pup and got really sick on the transport. So sick we almost left her at the stop in Bloomington, IL to see the emergency vet. A little TLC saw her improve enough to move on to finish the transport. She stayed with Lynn O’Shaughnessy for the first few weeks and then with Tom and Theresa Pinta until we found her new family.

Thanks also to Tom Pinta and Lynn O’Shaughnessy for doing the home visit and to the Row family for giving her the loving home she so much deserved.

An angel whispered in my ear, “Search Airedale Rescue.” We had recently given our first Airedale, Joey, back to God after 12 wonderful years and hadn’t considered another dog. SOAR was the first site that caught my eye, and less than two weeks later Bella was part of our family. Apparently, she had come all the way from Oklahoma, was the smallest and sickly. I was told the other siblings had picked on her. She was the last of the litter and we fell in love with her the moment we saw her. Our Westie, Sugar, quickly became Bella’s mommy, even though Sugar is a rescue as well and never had puppies. She showed Bella the routine, and they became inseparable after that first day together. From the start Bella has been sweet and gentle, always loving, and wants to be touching you if you are near. Bella will be two on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) and her name suits her. Bella = Beautiful. She is elegant in every way except when tormenting the black squirrels in the trees, or chasing the perimeter of the yard with Sugar. She has a big tough dog bark when she hears something unusual, a great watchdog. For all those who passed her up, thank you so very much. She is our forever love and a part of our family. And a big thank you to Lynn and everyone at SOAR for completing our family.

Susan Row