Bea Burns OH

We’ve decided that “Belle” was not quite her, so we dignified her with Beatrice, which quickly became Bea, and quite often she’s our goofy Beazus!! She’s such a silly girl! She’s quite a large dog – nearly 90 pounds – and full of life and energy.

Over the last 6 months (I can’t believe we’ve had her that long already, but it seems like she’s always been part of the family) we’ve seen her turn around from a scared girl who wanted nothing more than some love and attention to a silly, goofy dog who loves life. She does everything to the fullest – she plays hard, and sleeps like a log (and snores too – haha!!).

She loves just about everyone who walks through the door – we’ve really had to work on her jumping – at 90 pounds, that’s an awful lot of dog to greet you at the door. So she’s learning (still a work in progress)when she meets us a the door to sit before she gets a good scratch, but every ounce of her shakes and trembles – she’s so excited. In fact, sometimes I even hear her teeth chatter.

Bea loves our daughter, and she especially enjoys story time at night. I think some nights she beats us to the bedroom to listen to the story then heads back downstairs to see what she’s missed. She gets along wonderfully with our older Airedale, Tucker. She likes to boss him around and he takes it most of the time, but if she becomes too much for him, he lets her know. I think they both enjoy each others company. And the toy box (for the dogs), oh, how she enjoys to take everything out and find just what she’s looking for to toss around the house for a bit. She has even learned the cat is off limits. I can tell that takes a lot of restraint on her part, but she’s a good girl and it’s a feisty cat. When we initially adopted her we left her cage (which was much too small for her) set up for her to have a familiar place to feel comfortable, though she didn’t use it often. She was asleep at the foot of

our bed by the end of the first week. When we decided to collapse the cage we found that she LOVES to plop herself under the kitchen table – so we’ve put a small bed under the table for her, where I often find her lounging. She’s not much of a beggar either which is somewhat surprising because she loves to eat, but refreshing too, as our Tucker is a food hound! I can’t tell you how much we enjoy her – she’s funny, and clumsy, and absolutely wonderful!

I have attached a few pictures of her in the email – I hope are able to see how happy she is – and please know that she makes us just as happy.


Jessy Burns